MAGIC PIE – Circus Of Life

  • 9/10
    MAGIC PIE - Circus Of Life - 9/10


Progress Records
Release date: April 30, 2007

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The Magic Pie 2005 debut, Motions Of Desire, was among the tastiest experiences that year, mesmerizing listeners and critics alike with a rare, positive blend of ingredients. So, what have they been cooking up this time?

The Music

This year’s pie is called Circus Of Life and is a natural step further on the path they set out on with their debut. The album is mostly occupied with the 45+ minute epic “Circus Of Life,” divided across the first 5 tracks. It’s a grand show and offers a lot of room for the band to come out and play. One might suspect that something like this becomes too much to swallow, but once your teeth are in it, time ceases to exist and you find yourself happily munching away.

Up next is “Pointless Masquerade,” which, besides the Progressive complexity, also offers a lot of temper. It may seem too diversified at times, but after a few spins it takes a more homogenic shape. The final track, “Watching The Waves,” is completely different, with a more Pop-ish outfit musically, but with penetrating words of a world going astray. It is a worthy dessert to a solid meal.

Magic Pie’s blend of influences from the past four decades of (Progressive) Rock is as impressive now as it was on their debut album. However, their influences seem more apparent now and that might be a bit distracting at times.

The Band

First of all, hats off to Magic Pie for sticking to the multiple lead vocals recipe! It enables them to add identity and taste to every song, verse and line, in whatever way they like. The outcome is as overwhelming as it is subtle. Among the three lead singers, Allan Olsen is the first one to win you over, with a vast dynamic range and simply breathtaking zest. The other two, Gilbert Marshall and Eirik Hanssen, follow a step behind …

More importantly, however, is how they all come together! The steadiness and ease in drums and bass, the atmospheres and snarling presence in keyboards, the aforementioned impact in vocals, and finally the mass and speed in guitars: it’s all just so well-balanced, generous and soulful, as if they were all born into their respective roles.

The Verdict

The second serving of Magic Pie smells and tastes just as good as the first one, even if it’s a slightly different flavor. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have a slice or two. Bon appetit!


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