ZENITH – Evilution

ZENITH - Evilution
  • 7.5/10
    ZENITH - Evilution - 7.5/10


Burning Star Records
Release date: March 28, 2007

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Zenith was started up around 1999, and over the years have released a handful of demos. Evilution is the first full-length release for the Danish fivesome, and includes some re-done songs from their demos. There are nine tracks on Evilution – including a hidden one – and the disc runs for around 54 minutes. Noted Metal producer Jacob Hansen handled production duties.

Zenith describes their brand of pummeling music as “Crossover Metal Only For The Brave.” Regardless of whatever that means, there’s no question that Zenith is 100% Metal; Evilution is very heavy and forceful. You don’t listen to Evilution: you grab a hold of something and hope to survive the sonic tsunami crashing all around you. Zenith creates a gigantic tidal wave of sound, with huge guitar riffs, electronic noises, crushing drums, turgid grooves, and over-the-top vocals pouring out of your speakers trying to kill you. To some people, Evilution will just be a bunch of noise; to others it will be a powerful and brutish delight.

Once you get over the shock of the sonic intensity of Evilution, you’ll discover the band behind this disc actually does have respectable talent, and is one that knows how to write and play a song. You may not like their in-your-face approach, but you’ll appreciate their uncompromising way of doing things. The riffs from guitarists Kore and Seb are plentiful, loud, and hard-hitting, and the rhythm section of Carlos (bass) and Oliver (drums) takes no prisoners, supplying a bottom end that hits like a sledgehammer. Singing on Evilution is done by Jay, and he’s a very versatile vocalist, using lots of rapid-fire shrieks, grunts, howls, croaks, shouts, growls, screams, and “clean” vocals, often all on the same song. Even though the lyrics on Evilution are all in English, good luck trying to figure out what Jay’s saying most of the time. His “normal” singing voice is actually quite good, although he doesn’t use it a lot. Jay does a good job on this album, but if you don’t like extreme-styled vocals, you might not care for it.

For most of Evilution‘s running time, Zenith seems intent on destroying your senses. But, just as you’re about to beg for mercy, along comes the closing song “It’s Raining Blood.” This is a departure from the rest of the album, and almost sounds like it’s being played by a different band: it’s a long, epic-like piece, with lots of mood and atmosphere. Jay sings most of the 10-minute song cleanly, and proves to be quite effective when he chooses to sing in this fashion. There’s even a rather florid solo thrown in for kicks. It’s a good song.

The hidden track on Evilution is a “Vampire Remix” of opening song “Humanimosity,” with lots of techno and industrial overtones. It’s not too bad.

Zenith’s Evilution isn’t for everyone. For many listeners, it may simply be too much. But, for those who like their Metal extra Heavy and uncompromising, it’s certainly worth a listen. Adjust the rating according to your individual preference.


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