DOMINICI – O3 A Trilogy – Part 2

DOMINICI - O3 A Trilogy - Part 2
  • 7.5/10
    DOMINICI - O3 A Trilogy - Part 2 - 7.5/10


InsideOut Music
Release date: February 23, 2007

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With O3 A Trilogy – Part 1 released on a small label in 2005, Charlie Dominici (Dream Theater 1987-1989) made his return to the path of music after years in exile as a finance analyst. His brief performance with Dream Theater at the 2004 When Dream And Day Unite 15th anniversary show lit his desire to make music again. The comeback album proved successful and now he is here with the second part of the story, and this time he is signed up with Inside Out Music.

The Music

Actually, Dominici is more than just a man. It’s a band these days and indeed a joint venture in the creative process, as well as in the performance. O3 A Trilogy – Part 2 continues the story of the terrorist sleeper and his battle between loyalty to his masters and his love for his country and even mankind. His dilemma roots in the assigned process of making ozone (O3) into a chemical weapon, which will be the end of life on Earth as all know it.

The album is quite theatrical and Dominici himself makes a solid effort in depicting this snake biting his own tail. As a supplement to the drama, sound effects are added throughout the album, however leaving a “cheap trick” sensation to an otherwise very convincing, emotional setting. It is also fair to say it works better when the music kicks a few notches up on the intensity and tempo scale, rather than at the more ballad-like end of the same scale. Thus, best among the 9 songs are the overture “The Monster,” the emotional “The Calling,” and the bombastic “A New Hope.”

Style-wise, O3 A Trilogy – Part 2 has a very modern, Progressive Metal sound, yet with an almost retro feeling (if “retro” is suitable for describing a genre existing for merely a couple of decades). It is easy to spot musical influences from several Metal and Progressive Metal acts, but with Dominici’s versatile voice, it has a certain uniqueness to it.

The Band

Talking about his voice, it has remarkable qualities, leading to a suspicion that he hasn’t just been talking finance in his years of limelight absence. He lacks a little push in the lower register, but otherwise his voice is rich and dynamic.

Rich and dynamic are his bandmates, too. Brothers Brian and Yan Maillard handle guitars and drums, respectively. Bass is taken care of by Erik Atzeni, while Americo Rigoldi tickles the keyboards. They are tight, they are fast, and appropriately intense. All in all, Dominici is a band with technical brilliance and sufficient soul to convey their message loud and clear.

The Verdict

It is easy to appreciate O3 A Trilogy – Part 2: the zesty riffs, the complexity balanced with melody and harmony, the tempo raptures, and the emotional richness of the vocals. It is equally easy to appreciate the dilemma of terrorism at this level and the hope it leaves for a solution other than demolition. Despite a few weaker points, Dominici’s O3 A Trilogy – Part 2 is worth checking out by all fans of Progressive Metal.


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