KRYPTERIA – Bloodangel’s Cry

KRYPTERIA - Bloodangel's Cry
  • 7.5/10
    KRYPTERIA - Bloodangel's Cry - 7.5/10


Synergy Records
Release date: January 19, 2007

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Krypteria is a Symphonic Metal band based in Germany, and Bloodangel’s Cry is their third full-length release since 2003. The group also released an EP in 2006. Like lots of other European Symphonic Metal bands, Krypteria employs a female vocalist: Ji-In Cho, who also plays piano on Bloodangel’s Cry. Rounding out the rest of the group are Chris Siemons, guitars; Frank Stumvoll, bass; and S.C. Kuschnerus, drums.

Bloodangel’s Cry follows a familiar trail as it makes its way through its dozen tracks by being mostly fast-moving, melodic Metal that’s a bit over-the-top at times. While not extremely heavy, it’s heavy enough. There are lots of florid guitar lines and stomping riffs to keep guitar fans happy, and the production is big and loud, often using choral passages and classical instrumentation to make things sound more epic, especially the choruses. Quiet passages are sprinkled here and there, often featuring sparse – but effective – pianos and keyboards. Plenty of other bands have gotten by using this formula, and Krypteria looks to make their mark doing the same thing. Luckily, they do it pretty well.

Bloodangel’s Cry is an enjoyable listen, with no real lulls or boring spots. The songs are all solidly-constructed and move along nicely; guitarist Siemons has come up with some pretty solid riffs on this album that will get your attention and keep you listening to the end. Cho is an effective vocalist with good range and tone, which helps compensate for the sometimes trite and cliched lyrics she delivers on this album.

As mentioned, most of the songs on Bloodangel’s Cry are fast-paced, with the exception of “The Night All Angels Cry,” which is a nice try at an epic power ballad; it starts off slow, but gets heavier towards the end. Other songs of note are leadoff track “All Systems Go” and “Time To Bring The Pain,” which features catchy vocals and strong riffs. “Out Of Tears,” “Dream Yourself Far Away,” and “I Can’t Breathe” are also noteworthy, while “Sweet Revenge” is a solid stomper with some effective choral parts. None of the songs are bad, although closing track “At The Gates Of Retribution” goes on too long at a little over 10 minutes; it’s an okay tune that could have used a bit of trimming.

Krypteria has come up with a fairly effective album with Bloodangel’s Cry, that while not really original, does enough to stand out from the pack. Solid stuff all around, but mostly recommended for fans of female-fronted Symphonic Metal.


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