HE IS LEGEND – Suck Out The Poison

  • 0.5/10
    HE IS LEGEND - Suck Out The Poison - 0.5/10


Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: January 15, 2007

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He Is Legend is an American Rock/Post-Hardcore/Southern Rock band. The band has its roots in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, and has previously played under the names The Uriah Omen, No One Wins, and Stronghold. They have now recorded their third album, Suck Out The Poison (their second release under their current label). The band is signed to Solid State Records, but the album is released in Europe via Century Media Records.

For those who think that the genre Rock/Post-Hardcore/Southern Rock sounds a little difficult to comprehend, He Is Legend’s style is perhaps better described as Punk Rock meets Hard Rock meets Metalcore.

The first four songs (“Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of …),” “Attack Of The Dungeon Witch,” “Suck Out The Poison,” and “Mushroom River”) sound like pure Punk Rock songs with some shots of Metalcore scream vocals. It sounds like they try to copy Bad Religion and Foo Fighters on these songs, but they haven’t got the integrity, songwriting skills, nor the Punk attitude that Bad Religion and Foo fighters have. In addition to the regular Punk Rock voice, vocalist Schuylar Croom provides a couple of Metalcore-like screams. They just don’t fit well with these songs. It sounds like they’re a Punk Rock band, trying to be heavy, and that won’t fool anyone.

“China White II” has a more Hardcore/Hard Rock riff, and on this track the vocals may actually remind you of Chino from Deftones, though he doesn’t do this as well as Chino in any way. From here on and out, the record gets a little rougher than the first, but it still sounds like He Is Legend is trying to be heavier and harder than they really are. There is also no variation on this album. The riffs sound so alike that you’ll most likely be bored or annoyed by it.

The two piano/Hammond organ instrumentals (“Opening” and “Cannonball Hands {The Tomato Parade}”) that are supposed to be some kind of interludes, are actually the best part about this record. They haven’t got the irritating vocals of Croom on them, which is an enormous relief. However, they are, in fact, destroyed by the drummer Steve Bache, who’s trying to do something artistic (?) with the rhythm he provides. It’s plain out lousy and hopeless. It makes you feel sorry for him.

This record is not recommended to a Punk Rock fan.
This record is not recommended to a Hard Rock fan.
This record is not recommended to a Metalcore fan.
In fact, this record should not be recommended to anyone at all.


  • Schuylar Croom – Vocals
  • Adam Tanbouz – Lead Guitar
  • McKenzie Bell – Rhythm Guitar
  • Matt Williams – Bass
  • Steve Bache – Drums

Track List

  1. Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of …)
  2. Attack of the Dungeon Witch
  3. Suck Out The Poison
  4. Mushroom River
  5. Opening
  6. China White II
  7. Serpent Sickness
  8. Electronic Throat
  9. Stampede
  10. The Widow of Magnolia
  11. The Pot Bellied Goddess
  12. Cannonball Hands (The Tomato Parade)
  13. Goldie’s Torn Locks
  14. (((Louds


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