EMPYRIOS – … And The Rest Is Silence

EMPYRIOS - ... And The Rest Is Silence
  • 9.5/10
    EMPYRIOS - ... And The Rest Is Silence - 9.5/10


Burning Star
Release date: January 16, 2007

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Formed in Italy shortly after the new millennium by guitarist Simone Mularoni and drummer Matteo Mastroianni, Empyrios is Progressive Metal at its finest. The debut album … And The Rest Is Silence is a wall of sound, complete with symphonic aesthetic and Power Metal sensibilities.

The instrumental “Wreckage” sets the tone for the entire album. Coming in at just under one minute, the track is a mix of scream, synth, and cymbal with just enough power to change a person’s pulse. Production is key to the sound of most albums; … And The Rest Is Silence is expertly produced as first evidenced in the immediate segue of “Tort.” Complete with screaming guitar solos and soaring vocals, “Tort” is easily one of the strongest songs on the album.

“The Ruiner” relies on the strength of Silvio Mancini’s voice, and is complemented by the influences of Symphony X and the technical ability of Simone Mularoni. The guitar solo during “The Ruiner” is lightning fast, but the track’s true majesty doesn’t shine until the end, which transcends most of today’s Power Metal celebrities. The last minute of “The Ruiner” sounds like a dramatic movie score – or better – a private London Philharmonic concert.

Never a stale moment on … And The Rest Is Silence, each track sounds dramatically different than the previous. From the serene end of the “The Ruiner” to the downright Thrash beginning of “Unbalanced Equilibrium,” it’s clear these are exceptionally talented musicians that understand the importance of proper song titles and track placement.

The longest track on the album is “Eal.” A ballad in the true sense of the word, the lyrics are at once brooding and catchy. Like watching a Greek tragedy in under seven minutes, “Eal” utilizes the basic concepts behind great story telling to illustrate the suffering of one man’s life. As the music begins with a hopeful soar, the choral backing creates an extra layer of sound that makes the track richer. As the “story” progresses, Mancini’s vocal intonation changes, as does the speed of the music. By the fifth minute of the “Eal,” the acoustic portions are replaced again with whining electric guitars, serving as a cathartic point in the “story.” What begins as a whisper of an orchestral event ends with big band influences and true Metal harmonies. In short, “Eal” is a modern masterpiece.

After “Eal,” the album becomes much more experimental with the short, but expertly titled, “Losing Myself in the Downward Spiral,” and later the Thrashy “Failure of Eye.” … And The Rest Is Silence ends as it begins, with an instrumental track that features a slow fade, leaving the listener wanting more.

Empyrios are

Simone Mularoni – guitars
Silvio Mancini – vocals
Simone Bertozzi – bass
Emanuele Casali – keyboard
Matteo Mastroianni – drums


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