MISERATION – Your Demons Their Angels

MISERATION - Your Demons Their Angels
  • 8.5/10
    MISERATION - Your Demons Their Angels - 8.5/10


Rivel Records
Release date: December 21, 2006

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Turn the CD player on, and insert a copy of Miseration’s recent long player, Your Demons Their Angels, put on the market by Rivel Records. Minutes later, you will discover yourself running in the kitchen, pressing your ear against the sink, while convincing yourself “there must be somebody burping through this faucet!”

Well, the crappy clowning’s not to be misunderstood; this album is Death Metal and really strong. Listening to it will be at least linked to a flurry of pleasant feelings! Convincingly, the showers of goose pimples are caused by the work of lead singer/grunter Christian Alvestam, who is known for his connection to Scar Symmetry.

But, not to forget, most of the compositions were arranged by mastermind Jani Stefanovic, who also played a leading role for Essence Of Sorrow, who recently released their debut album. Your Demons Their Angels bears a strong Nordic touch. You almost can touch the winter cold that every song is breathing. But, this may be a weak expression — too weak for explaining Miseration’s musical style. It’s more like a winter storm: powerful and horrendous. Whirling and aggressive double bass attacks, moments comparatively silent only cut through by the growling voice of lead singer Alvestam, and rolling breaks led by the guitar and destroying stakkato riffing as well.

All the musical plots evoke a vision of a cold land in the North, dwelling in entire darkness. The melodies resemble the In Flames Reroute To Remain Era.

Clean singing can be discovered on some tracks, but this instrument of contradiction is never being used excessively. Same goes for the keyboarding — sometimes you hit the jackpot by not trying too hard!

But, there’s not only an upside to this album, whose reputation will sincerely be boosted by the first five songs that are simply excellent. You see, towards the end, the tracks lack a bit of creativity. The solo on “Foul Invecitve,” the second to last song of this album, is ladden with this missing creativity. Too bad, but if you had hit the bullseye right away, there was no need to go on and develop. And, development is what you should be wishing for Miseration, then they’ll be a top act very soon!


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