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Release date: December 15, 2006

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Better Left Unsaid is a Post Thrash Metal band based in Modesto, California. Formed in 2003, the band blazes forth with seven lightning fast tracks on The Silencing. Produced by Better Left Unsaid and Adam Ruppel, The Silencing was recorded in three months at ProView Studios in California. Formally a guitarist for Systematic, Ruppel left the stage to spin knobs behind the soundboard. Working with the likes of Bob Rock and Andy Wallace, Ruppel used his refined ear to help create the unique sound captured on The Silencing.

A little digging into the history of Better Left Unsaid reveals a grass roots approach to band marketing. Members say they started their band with dreams … and a business model just like that of any Fortune 500 company. To that end, each member of Better Left Unsaid plays endorsed instruments, and the band recently enjoyed an international tour sponsored by companies such as Dickies clothing. During their recent promotional tour, Better Left Unsaid shared the stage with Killswitch Engage, Saliva, and Drowning Pool.

Delving into the album, all seven tracks on The Silencing have a core sound that illustrates vocalist Steve Hickman’s abilities behind the microphone. The album begins with “Never Again,” a Thrash track of ballsy proportions. Listeners will be surprised to hear a melodic hook follow growling vocals. Guitar runs on tracks like “Impurity” have a pre-commercialized Metallica sound, but it is clear Better Left Unsaid have no intentions of selling out anytime soon. An interesting production decision keeps the momentum of The Silencing rolling. Song breaks seem less than a second long. As soon as one track ends another immediately begins, startling the listener, but begging for attention and adoration.

A highlight of The Silencing is the final track, “Cold Inside,” which has single potential and just enough commercial appeal to translate into radio play and album sales. With a chorus that features a slower tempo than the rest of the song, listeners will instantly be reminded of past Metal anthems. “Epic” is the only appropriate word to describe “Cold Inside.”

Other tracks worthy of note are “Repletion” and “Testify.” During performance of the latter track, members of Better Left Unsaid say the audience typically enters a transcendental state, feeling the music instead of just listening to the words.

While The Silencing is nowhere near as polished as contemporaries like Lamb Of God or Trivium, Better Left Unsaid has both talent and potential to make a real dent in the Metal world.

Better Left Unsaid Lineup

Steve Hickman – Vocals
Rob Fernandez – Guitar
Jason Jones – Guitar
Brent Terry – Drums
Adam Armstrong – Bass


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