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Release date: November 17, 2006

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After releasing an impressive third album in High Tension Wire early in 2005, main men Rob Moratti (vocals) and “utility player” Mladen are back with an equally impressive fourth release. The new CD comes with a new label in Escape Music and is simply entitled: Freelight.

Freelight is best described as a release that would fit very comfortably in a category with seasoned bands such as Journey and Survivor. Out of the starting gates with opener “Freelight,” Moratti exudes overwhelming evidence that he continues to surpass Steve Perry, when he was in his prime, in the falsetto range. In fact, it’s this quality that will probably be the dividing line between Final Frontier advocates and cynics. Moratti’s “partner in crime,” Mladen, covers general guitars, bass, and keyboards quite adequately. The lead guitar work by Falconer also bears mentioning, as his playing is filled with flurries of melodic notes almost akin to a Michael Schenker, or perhaps Neal Schon. Falconer’s playing adds some suspenseful moments to songs like the openers “Freelight” and “Dynamo,” having not one, but two, solo breaks.

This CD also has something in common with its predecessor release — after several listens the choruses become quite infectious. Release openers “Freelight” and “Dynamo” are confident Melodic Rockers, but they only get their hooks partially into your skin, almost as if the band was warming up. The third track, “Foolish Pride,” really kicks up the melody a notch and has a chorus that leaves a burn mark on your cerebrum. The same can be said about “Only The Lonely,” which kicks up the tempo a notch. “I Hope You Don’t Mind” is a gently rocked ballad with more nice lead guitar work. The rockier “Someone’s Watching You” borrows a few elements from some of the best Survivor songs and is fueled by some solid drumming by Howley. “Lion’s Den” is more of a mid-tempo, melodic Rock song, but the songwriting comes across very powerfully; it’s one to remember. The peculiarly entitled “The Witches Mask” turns out to be a powerful, melodic rocker containing a thicker guitar riff, a ton of melody, and a catchy chorus.

Bottom line, this is another impressive release by Final Frontier … to use a relative comparison, they are like “Survivor on steroids.” Given a chance, the tracks just grow more infectious with each subsequent listen. The release showcases some top-notch work by a seldom-known, premier vocalist and lead guitarist in Melodic Rock. The musicianship is solid as is the songwriting; the band has all the proper tools to craft a hit song. Hopefully, one of these tracks will propel the band into well-deserved stardom.


Rob Moratti – Lead Vocals and All Background Vocals
Mladen – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar and Keyboards
Lawrence Falconer – Lead Guitars
Kevin Howley – Drums


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