ATOMIC HEAD – Atomic Head

ATOMIC HEAD - Atomic Head
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    ATOMIC HEAD - Atomic Head - 8.5/10


Release date: November 12, 2006

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In 2006 the South American Thrash Metal headbangers, Atomic Head, unleashed a bomb of Old School destruction on the Metal world with their self-titled EP in the veins of Bay Area bands like Megadeth, Metallica and Exodus. These Chilean dudes began their thrashy way of life back in 2004 and right before Atomic Head they only released a rehearsal recording in 2005 as a trio. Between 2005 and 2006, they armed themselves with an extra guitarist to record this debut EP. The outcome brought them to sign with the DigMetalWorld label, to which they are still attached to this very day.

The EP is a treat for all you Old School maniacs out there. The contents are not similar to the South American Thrash of Brazil, the similarities are closer to the Argentinean scene, with Thrash / Heavy Metal acts such as Hermetica or Malon, which is derived more from the American Thrash Metal scenes. The one thing that is not American in nature is the band’s sound actually. The knife-sharp guitars and even some of the melodies sound like the early 80s era of the German drinkers, Tankard, who always knew how to cut your ears with chainsaw guitars.

Atomic Head will not surprise you with new stuff; its role is more of a nostalgic appetizer. The riffs are straightforward with good solos that were heard before and the themes are well known of religion, death, etc. However, Atomic Head are excellent in what they are doing here – and that is Old School Thrash Metal by the book – Evil , speed when needed and heavy as hell – what more can a Thrasher ask for these days when Hardcore and Death Metal are also mixed with Thrash.

For all you Spanish Thrashers out there the band treats you with a Spanish oriented song named, “Genocidio” (easy to understand as Genocide). After hearing this song many times, you will be able to find in its first part, a riff that sounds exactly like Sodom’s “Agent Orange” , nevertheless it’s a great jumpy song even if you won’t understand a word except for “Genocide” or “Criminal”.

For the highlights of this one, you could consider all tracks, of course not all of them are equal in their general quality, but overall – a good Thrash Metal album in the vein of late 80s and early 90s.

“The Sinner”, is a Thrash / Speed Metal killer with great beats and a charging trill fast riff that is mixed well with Sebastian Galnido’s strong raspy voice. The main riff itself also is very interesting.

“Nuclear Attack” was introduced on W.Y.A.T, an explosive track of fine Thrashing mayhem that has a similarity to old Anthrax, especially in the chorus. In addition, this one presents a high skilled drummer.

“Sentenced To Die” is back to the racing speed with a catchy 80s Thrasher, “The Punishment” is the best quality song overall in regards to sound production with great riffs and charging drums. In “3.50”, you will get the headbanging rhythms of Slayer with a surprising bass solo until the song shuts off on you. The final track is the umpa-umpa beater “Genocidio” which closes this fine release!


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