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Release date: October 6, 2006

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This band should have been called Rome or University of Music (in Rome). The band is from Italy and each band member was born in Rome, Italy between the years 1976 and 1978, and each one except Enrico “Erk” Scutti, the vocalist, attended the University of Music in Rome at some point or another. Not only are each band member accomplished, talented musicians having attended the University and graduated with diplomas, many went on to other schools of music to further their interest and appetite for music. Well, here is the obvious question then: What does all of this schooling and talent bring forth to the music world? It brings another European Progressive Metal band to explode on the scene, conquer the world … or just explode. With all of the talent these guys possess and have learned about music in general, it’s hard to imagine the third thing happening.

Cheope is: Enrico “Erk” Scutti (vocals), Daniele Bragaglia (guitars), Fabio Serra (co-founder, guitars), Tiziano Milani (bass), and Dario Sacco (co-founder, drums, percussion & samples). What is interesting to note is that Cheope actually put out a four-track demo in 2001, all of which are on this new release too. Cheope finished recording this 2006 debut full-length album at Lead Recording Studios in Rome, and it was mastered in New York City by legendary sound engineer George Marino.

Several points can be made upon examination of this new release. First, there are 14 tracks taking up 73:38 minutes. The second, and really neat thing, is that the CD is made up to look like a vinyl record. Listening to these guys is another thing … let it be known that this CD/LP will grow on you as you listen to it several times. Right from the start, this CD seems promising, as it opens with “Hypnosis,” a pretty heavy song from the first note. However, by the time it gets to the vocals, it seems to slip a notch. Then, when the background vocals kick in with the singer, it goes down another notch. The good thing is that it does get back to its heaviness with some exceptional guitar work (some, of which, sounds like solos) and some clever bass runs. “Again” has the best intro of any track on the CD. It has some sci-fi effects going on and the guitar work brings back memories of old Metallica. It sounds like it belongs in a Mission Impossible movie for heaven’s sake. There are some very interesting and very different sounds throughout this tune that make it one of the better listens on offer. There is even a South American Reggae/Funk-type thing going on at one point. Very unique for this type of music, but it works very well.

One of the more noticeable aspects to the overall sound of Downloadideas is that the same problem outlined regarding “Hypnosis” is seen repeated on many of the tracks, such as “Leave Me Alone,” “Risen,” “On Air,” “I Belong,” and “Tell Me Why.” It seems like once the vocals register in, they somehow hinder the music. When the harmonies are added, it seems to aggravate the situation even more at times. “Tell Me Why” is probably one of the best songs musically speaking, but somehow it doesn’t come out the way it should.

It is definitely true that the guys in Cheope can play and have the talent to succeed. The band is good enough to listen too, but in order to improve, there has to be a better mix between the instruments and the vocals – something isn’t just quite right. Perhaps it’s Enrico’s singing style or the way he tries to pronounce his lyrics. After all, English is not his first language. Perhaps, though, it is the pressure of putting out a debut album.

The next album will definitely be worth the wait. Less harmonies would definitely add to the heaviness that Cheope is trying to bring out in most of their music. By the way, the name Cheope was not only chosen from the band’s love of Egypt, but also because of Dario’s origins.


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