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Release Date: September 27, 2006

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Clonecircle is a new Danish band that mixes Gothic Metal with Industrial Metal. They manage to do this without ending up in the Nu-Metal scene, and that must be a good indicator, don’t you think?

Anyway, they’ve just released their debut album called Superimposed. This album is dark and filled with lyrics that are dealing with death, hate, anger, pain, and suffering. A good way to describe the music is to say that it sounds like a mixture of Ministry and Paradise Lost, without being a copy of their music.

The album itself is somewhat interesting, but it could have been so much better. Martin Hellgren’s vocals are clean and believable, but it seems like there is something missing. The production also isn’t that great. The sound is sometimes thick as a brick and many elements in the music seem to vanish in the mix. Sometimes it even sounds like the music is coming from an old Telefunken Gavotte 9 radio.

“Freak Like You” and “Anatomy Of Hate” are probably the best songs on the album, while the single “In Your Head” and the little more aggressive “Waiting For The Kill” should have benefitted from better production. “Freak Like You” has a cool riff and a catchy chorus, and is definitely a “stuck-in-your-brain” type of song. “Anatomy Of Hate,” on the other hand, is a good song with nice a nice mix between the Metal part of Clonecircle and the Industrial sounds. This song also has a catchy chorus.

The album seems to be made in a hurry and the result is, of course, no better. There are some good songs on this release, but unfortunately they suffer from poor production. Other songs just never give you that little extra that a good song does, and it seems to be a part of the problem on this record. The Gothic parts on the album aren’t as Gothic as they should have been, and the songs, in general, get boring after a minute or two.

On this record you’ll find eleven full-length songs that seem to have the same problem; after a good start they continue in the same pattern, and just get really boring.

This isn’t a very good album as a whole, but some of the songs show that Clonecirle has the potential to make something better than this. Let’s hope they get the chance to redeem themselves on a new record in the not to distant future.

• Martin Hellgren – Vocals/Bass/Keys
• Morten Sandberg – Guitars/Keys/Programming
• Thomas Yde – Guitars
• Kim Kvist – Drums

Track list:
1. Descent
2. In Your Head
3. Superimposed
4. Soulman
5. Freak Like You
6. Mirror
7. Waiting For The Kill
8. Paper God
9. Hate Me
10. Anatomy Of Hate
11. Neverminded
12. Ghost
13. Ascent

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