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Somewhere at the beginning of this year, MER received a five song EP entitled Scorched Earth Policy … the debut recording of a band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida called Malicious Damage. The songs made quite an impression, moving near classic Thrash territory with some Hardcore additions, especially in the vocals.

After some time, another package arrived at the MER headquarters containing a premature recording of the first full-length Malicious Damage album. So, these guys honored the MER crew to be the first to listen to their work and to express an honest opinion about it.

As mentioned above, this is a pre-promo CD, so the sound production is rough and will not be subject to any comment.

“World of Lies” is the album opener, featuring some pissed off vocals that fit the battering drums and the Thrash guitar attack. A spoken intro takes the listener to “In The Shade of Death’s Shadow” — a classic Thrash Metal song with strong influences from the German Metal scene of the 80s and bands like Tankard, Destruction, and the prime Kreator.

There is a small change in the vocals where the Hardcore elements have almost disappeared without many “clean” moments. The Thrash attack continues with the fast-tempo tracks “Eye Arrive” and the headbanger “Reborn Shaman.” “Crystal Clear” is 2-minute Melodic intermission that comprises clean vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Josh, angry as hell, screams his lungs out in the mid-tempo, in-your-face, Hardcore song entitled “Discipline.” Here the solid rhythm guitar serves as an ignitor for some serious headbanging. “Self Condemned” offers nothing new to the music profile of Malicious Damage, while the next track, “Where Hell Exists And Death Prays,” is audio proof that the first Slayer albums have deeply influenced the band’s guitars. Yes, this is the Thrash Metal all loved during the 80s when everything was in the making!

The bass guitar makes a short appearance during the intro of “Revelation Six,” one of the fastest songs of the album, and perfect for mosh-pitting! “Blue Collar Outlaw” is simply the icing on the cake, with Punk rhythm guitars and the appropriate vocal attitude to go along.

Well, the first impressions from Scorched Earth Policy were totally justified after the listening of Fallen Kingdome. Just hope that they will also impress a record company to offer them a contract to help preserve their longevity.

Pay a visit to the band’s official site to get to know them, and why not support them by buying the new album as soon as it is ready!


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