HATESPHERE – The Sickness Within

HATESPHERE - The Sickness Within


Release Date: 2006-09-12

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Ever since the release of their self-titled debut in 2002, the Danish five-piece Hatesphere has been the leading band within the Death-meets-Thrash-Metal genre (or Thrashcore if you like). It’s been two years since their last album Ballet of the Brute (2004), if you don’t include the teaser The Killing EP (2005) into account, and now the time has come to give fans a much needed dose of brutal, merciless Metal.

The opening track, “The White Fever,” has a massive amount of riffs and impressively varies in tempo. Bredahl is on top of it all with his angry and ass-kicking scream vocals. The guitar solo (which is a great, beautiful thing) is really in contrast to the rest of the song, and eases everything down a notch. “The Fallen Shall Rise in a River of Blood” is a lot Thrashier and also features a cool, downbeat, melodic guitar solo.

“Reaper of Life” has loads of technical riffs and is far more melodic than the previous two. There ‘s cool chord changes too, and it reminds of Slayer from the Seasons in the Abyss-era. The title track is fast, and is driven by Gyldenøhr’s powerful drumming. It’s a cool, Thrashy track with lots of changes in the tempo and extreme raw power.

“Heaven Is Ready to Fall” is probably the best song on the album. Cool riffs, stompin bass, and a guitar drive that completes the track. The vocal is extreme, but sometimes even clean. Around the middle of the song, it breaks into a slow, emotion-filled section with keyboards on top, before it merges back to the cool riff section again.

The last track on the album, “Marked by Darkness,” opens with an audio excerpt from The Omen (“The Little Priest, is he dead yet? Yes!”), and continues the record’s aggressive style with a fast and furious tempo. Nevermore guitarist Steve Smyth was so taken by their music that he offered to record the solo for the song. Smyth delivers the goods. BIG TIME!

This album gives you a good reason to do some excessive headbanging. The album is fast, brutal, and has a lot of anger. Even though Bredahl’s voice is screaming in Hardcore style, he also goes deeper with some really dark growls from time to time. Gyldenøhr does a great job with the “beat-the-shit-out-of-you-with-my-drumsticks”-style. He holds a steady, but advanced, beat throughout the record, and adds a lot of breaks and rhythm changes. Hansen and Jacobsen kill with merciless riffs and killer solos. They make a good foundation for the riffs along with bassist Ehlert.

The production is tight and has no flaws. You get the feel for each of the instruments, and it makes the record even better.

If you are into raw, energetic Metal that you just need to headbang to, then do yourself a favor and go buy this album! And, to all you poor bastards who haven’t seen them live yet … don’t despair, because it seems like Hatesphere is here to stay!

Hatesphere is

• Jacob Bredahl – Vocals
• Peter Lyse Hansen – Guitar
• Mikael Ehlert – Bass
• Anders Gyldenøhr – Drums
• Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen – Guitar


  1. The White Fever
  2. The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood
  3. Reaper Of Life
  4. Sickness Within
  5. Murderous Intent
  6. The Coming Of Chaos
  7. Bleed To Death
  8. Heaven Is Ready To Fall
  9. Seeds Of Shame
  10. Chamber Master
  11. Marked By Darkness


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