TWITCHED – Psyche – Riot – Madness – Violence Demo


Release Date: 2006

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Aj, Aj, Aj … Caramba Que Sorpresa! That’s the name of a really cheesy Italian family TV show. This band has absolutely nothing to do with the show, but that’s what first comes to mind when listening to this demo. Unfortunately, not the positive kind of “Aj, Aj, Aj,” rather more like the toothache kind …

These five guys from the Turin area of Italy met in September 2005, and decided they’d meld all of their musical influences together, and maybe that wasn’t the best idea in the end.

The positive component of this demo is that they have the balls to sing in their own language (Italian), at least from what you can hear. Because unless you speak Italian or Spanish yourself, it’s just about impossible to figure out what the hell their music is about. It might be because their singer originally is from Venezuela. In addition to being Venezuelan, he is good at screaming his lungs out, with the exception of when it sounds like he’s throwing up … which is most of the time. On the song “Sick ’n’ Insane,” it seems like the singer is trying to do a little Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) impression, but it just ends up sounding like the drunk guy at the party next door. A total blur.

The band states that they have played gigs and promoted themselves in Piemonte and Lombardia, the northern area of Italy, and that’s actually scary to think of, when most of the world sees this area as the picturesque and quiet place where everyone would love to settle in when they get old, fat, and rich. They have also started working with an Italian Snowboard brand called BBcrew Company. The thought of this music played at skiing resorts and snowboarding slopes is horrifying. This would definitely kill the joy of snowboarding, and would kill all the living chipmunks in the forest.

If Twitched would chose to keep playing the Cuban drums and the Santana guitars from “Valetudo,” this could actually make things happen for them. Maybe if they added a little bit of Articolo 31 (Italian band) rap, and some sexy Italian moves. But, if they keep on thinking this is futuristic music, then you definitely won’t want to live in the future.


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