Interview with Deadstar Assembly (The Dro)

DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY bassist The Dro took some time to play 21 Questions with Metal Express Radio; check out his thoughts on a variety of topics below!

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What song are you most pleased with on the new album? What makes this song stand out?

I am most pleased with “Killing Myself Again.” From the intro to the main riff, it’s the first song to really grab a listener’s attention. It seems this is the song that really leads you to what’s in store with the rest of the album.

How much has the internet helped in making people aware of your music?

I think the internet is the biggest reason of why we are where we are today. It gave us an easy outlet to reach fans in other states and countries.

Any funny/strange stories from the recording studio or video shoots?

We just recently finished up with our music video for “Killing Myself Again.” I had been ranting for a week about how I wanted to eat some of my bugs in this music video. My girlfriend happened to show up to the middle of the video shoot and some of the guys and the crew told her to take her top off and to let me eat the bugs off her stomach. She didn’t even hesitate and we got some of the most memorable shots from that video!

When your family and friends heard your music for the first time, what kind of reaction did they have? Did any of their reactions surprise you?

My family never really liked the type of music I listened to or played. But, when they first heard Deadstar Assembly’s music, they really liked it. I was surprised that I got more than a “Oh, this is good.” They actually wanted a copy of the album and actually still come out to our live shows. Same thing goes with close friends … they too became instant fans.

What is something about yourself that would surprise others if they knew?

Usually when people find out that I’m actually down to earth and not snotty, they are surprised. Sometimes when they find out I have a pet arctic fox, they get surprised about that too.

Do you find it hard to balance making the music you want with making your music more “accessible?”

(in Cartman voice): “I’ll do what I want!”

What sort of comments did you get from music executives when they heard your music for the first time? Did any of the comments strike you as being particularly strange and/or clueless?

Not really. Most of the time they get it right away. We’ve been able to work with some great sponsors/endorsers, because as soon as they heard all about us and our music, they instantly believed in us and decided to work with us.

Who is the greatest “personality” in Rock? What do you think makes them great?

When I was younger, I used to say Axl Rose. I don’t know what happened to him, though … Now I’d have to say Marilyn Manson. He was able to take a lot of what was already done in the past and reshape it. He was able to market himself to a whole new group of people, and, of course, this made him highly successful. He does everything from acting to painting now, and I admire the fact that he’s involved in so many different things. He’s smart in the way he does things and I admire that.

What’s the strangest inspiration you’ve had for a song?

Masturbating with sand paper.

What do you do in your spare time?

I skateboard, I run around with a video camera and video tape the debauchery that surrounds me, and I also edit videos and Web sites for a few adult models. So much to do, so little time!

Heavy music has mainstream popularity in Europe and Asia, but exists mostly on the fringes in North America. Why do you think that is, and what could be done differently in North America?

I believe the problem with North America is that kids are really fickle. It seems like everyone is listening to what MTV thinks is cool and what their friends think is cool. They should be listening to what they really like.

Many people are upset with the RIAA and with record labels who put intrusive copy-protection on some of their albums. What’s your take on all of this?

I think it’s ridiculous to spend the time and money. It’s so easy to copy music and DVDs nowadays, and there really isn’t a way to protect them which is 100% reliable. Record labels should just spend that time trying to find new ways to market the music and get people to actually go out and purchase it.

If done by a Metal band, what bad, cheesy song would you like to hear a cover version of someday?

Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River!”

What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?

I’d either be working on becoming a pro skateboarder or a pro photographer and director.

Are there any current bands that you feel could be looked at as “legends” 20 or so years down the road? If so, who?

I think we’re going to shoot for that goal with Deadstar Assembly!

Hair Metal was fun, but looking back on it, do you think it hurt Metal’s credibility?

No way! I’m gunna go tease my hair and spray two cans of hair spray on it right now!

The music industry today seems to be more interested in creating “one-hit wonders” than it is with finding good bands with staying power. Why do you think that is, and do you think this trend will change?

The music fans at the moment are fickle these days. They listen to what their friends like and what’s good on MTV at the moment. Having a one-hit wonder band possibly gives them an easier out. But, we’ve come to realize, though, that there is a small group in the industry who actually enjoys staying power. They make up a big part of our fan base and we love them for it!

Hypothetically, who would you cast in the lead roles of DeadStar Assembly: The Movie?

Nicholas Cage. I don’t care who he’s playing in the movie. He just has to be in it. Samuel L Jackson should play my part! He’d be all like, “Them Mother-F___n’ snakes on the Dro!?” Hah!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a success in the music industry?

I’ll always say, “Don’t ever do anything half assed.” People don’t put their 100% into their own work these days and it shows. If you’re not happy with it, how are other people supposed to be!

Any final thoughts/comments for our readers?

Request our songs on the radio and tell the venues around you that you’d like to see us live. Who knows, maybe we will see you sooner than later!

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