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Release date: July 15, 2006

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Disarmonia Mundi is a band that just leaves the listener wondering ”why bother?!?” First, it seems rather odd that the trio consists of three guys all credited with “vocals,” with one of them – Ettore Rigotti – handling guitars, drums, vocals (again), bass, and keys duties. As you’re about to read, the music also suffers from an extreme lack of creativity, so it may very well be a wise move to include several members with capabilities exceeding the “norm” –- vocal norm that is.

Should you read Metal Express Radio’s review of the band’s previous effort, or another review elsewhere (which of course you wouldn’t ever do), or via just browsing through the band’s Web site, you’ll soon discover that it’s indeed Björn “Speed” Strid – yes, the Soilwork frontman – who’s one of the three singers in the band. This may not be so weird -– if it just were not for the fact that Disarmonia Mundi is a Soilwork-rip off of utter dimensions.

Mind Tricks is an album so choked with every Melo-Death cliché that even the most devoted fans of the genre would have enough. It’s all here: the scale-based, speedy riffs, the aggressive verses, melodic choruses, contrasting vocal styles, melodic guitar leads. Yes, you’ve got pretty much everything covered. This gives a very narrow frame from which to come up with fresh musical ideas, so it’s not at all an easy task Rigotti and the crew decided to face. But, with a few exceptions, they essentially fail at whatever they tried. “Liquid Wings” is the album’s highlight, and actually quite a cool one as it steps a bit outside the A4 format, incorporating heavier, Iced Earth-influenced riffs.

The question that remains unanswered after listening several times to Mind Tricks is indeed a real mind trick –- what the hell does “Speed” Strid need this band for in the first place? Okay, Rigotti and co-vocalist (sick) Claudio Ravinale may be some fantastic guys to hang out with – they should be – but still; why make a band out of it? There’s nothing on earth Soilwork can be beat at by this band, and it’s actually fair to compare them directly as their music is to-the-point exactly the same -– and considering the “fact” that Soilwork will never ever get even close to the level of At the Gates, old In Flames, or Dark Tranquility, it becomes even more pointless. In the name of justice it should be mentioned that the band’s version of Pantera’s “Mouth of War” isn’t all that bad, but although well-played, it never captures the mud and dirt of the original. Strid, or whoever sings on this one, does a mean Phil Anselmo too.

All experienced Metalheads should own the “originals” by now, and should be satisfied with those. For those who don’t -– please purchase those first and then consider if this release is worth buying.


  • Torgeir P. Krokfjord

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