BURY YOUR DEAD – Beauty And The Breakdown

BURY YOUR DEAD - Beauty And The Breakdown
  • 2.5/10
    BURY YOUR DEAD - Beauty And The Breakdown - 2.5/10


Victory Records
Release date: July 11, 2006

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After several break-ups and line-up changes, the American Metalcore band Bury Your Dead is out with a new album called Beauty And The Breakdown … an album that is far away from being a masterpiece, but sometimes sounds a bit interesting. Their album, Cover Your Tracks from 2004, features titles based on Tom Cruise movies. Now the band prefers to name the songs after fairy tales, such as “Mirror, Mirror,” “House Of Brick,” and “House Of Straw.” This record is considered to be a little different from the earlier albums. It’s heavier and, as the band calls it: “… a more grown up version of Bury Your Dead.”

Opening track, “House Of Straw,” is a strong and intense song. The guitar riff sounds terrific and when you expect the typical Metalcore screaming vocal to come in and maybe put an end to the good feeling of the song, you’re actually wrong, believe it or not. On this track, the vocals work out really well, maybe because of all the effects that are packed into the mix.

Unfortunately, the vocals become very tiring and annoying after a while when listening to this entire album. The nightmare starts out halfway through the opening song. Quite a shame, because the record has some potential.

After the first spin of this record, you’ll discover immediately that all the songs sound completely similar. The guitar sound is typical Metalcore and that drags this record down … it’s just the same notes over and over again. The drums sound really good, and Mark Castillo’s outstanding drumming is really great. The only variation that appears on this album is actually in the drum section.

This record could certainly appeal to the average Metalcore fan, but it will be a tougher battle for the regular Heavy Metal fan. It’s not a bad record, but there’s also a giant leap to take before you can call it good. I think the word “variation” is something the band could bring along on their musical journey and maybe they’ll be a little more interesting?!


Mark Castillo – Drums
Slim – Guitar
Mat Bruso – Vocals
Eric Ellis – Guitar
Bubble – Bass


  1. House Of Straw
  2. A Glass Slipper
  3. The Poison Apple
  4. Twelfth Stroke Of Midnight
  5. Trail Of Crumbs
  6. A Wishing Well
  7. Let Down Your Hair
  8. Mirror, Mirror …
  9. Second Star To The Right
  10. The Enchanted Rose
  11. House Of Brick


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