at Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway, July 8, 2006

No big music festival with any respect for itself can ignore the Extreme Metal scene –- and when you’re booking an Extreme Metal band for your festival, why should you settle for anything less than the best?

The Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norway sure didn’t. Co-headlining the final evening of the Festival alongside names like Clutch and Muse, 15-year old Enslaved showed the masses what Extreme Metal is all about. The special thing about this gig is the great mix of people that attend the shows – everything from hip-hoppers to Hardcore Metalheads.

Kicking off the show with “Entroper,” Enslaved totally blew everyone away with an awesome sound and an “in-your-face” stage presence. The band continued with enormous energy, clearly enjoying the show themselves. Power stands, headbanging, amazing guitar solos, and thunderous drums are all part of the show.

The crowd even got the announcement twice of the title-track from the new album, critically acclaimed “Ruun,” as Grutle Kjellson (bass/vocals) announced “Fusion Of Sense And Earth” as “Ruun” by mistake. When they got around to it, though, the concert was lifted to the next level.

After “Ruun,” Grutle extended the band’s thanks to the record company and management, their current and past crews, and, of course, the fans. At the end of his rant, Grutle also managed to remember it was former Enslaved guitarist Roy Kronheims birthday, and congratulated him on behalf of the band. The crowd then literally exploded when they went on to play “Isa,” a true masterpiece within Extreme Metal.

For the encore, Enslaved pulled one of the truly old classics out from their impressive backlog. After inviting everybody to join the band in getting drunk after the show, Grutle astounded even Tonje Elisabeth Hansen, the band’s manager, by encouraging everybody to leave the Norwegian church and join reality …


  • ”Entroper” – Ruun
  • ”Path To Vanir” – Ruun
  • ”Dead Stare” – Below The Lights
  • ”Fusion Of Sense And Earth” – Ruun
  • ”Ruun” – Ruun
  • ”Isa” – Isa
  • ”Essence” – Ruun
  • ”Return To Yggdrasil” – Isa
  • ”Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor” – Vikingligr Veldi/Hordanes Land


  • Ivar Bjørnson (Guitar)
  • Grutle Kjellson (Bass, vocals)
  • Herbrand Larsen (Keyboards, vocals)
  • Cato Bekkevold (Drums)
  • Arve Isdal (Guitar)

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