at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, July 6, 2006

In the beginning, Rock and Roll used to be without compromise. That’s what created its reputation as a rebel among the other musical genres. Now, Rock and Roll has become so common and household you have to specify between compromise-less Rock and Roll and inoffensive Rock and Roll.

The Hellacopters play the compromise-less kind, definitely, and they do so brilliantly. All right, they are standing among giants — they are doing nothing that AC/DC, Kiss, or Status Quo (… or Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard if that matters) haven’t done before them — but they sound so raw, fresh, and honest about their craft that from time-to-time you might think The Hellacopters invented the genre.

The Hellacopters

The Swedes are still touring in support of their 2005 release, Rock & Roll Is Dead, and prove that their new compositions work just as well live as their old favorites, especially “I’m In The Band,” the evening’s second number, was a killer piece -– also revealing the band’s great sense of humor lyric-wise. “Bring It On Home” and “Before The Fall,” also from the new album, too are highlights in their set.

The Hellacopters

Main-composer Nicke Anderson, on lead vocals and guitar, fronts this highly energetic band with 100% Rock ‘n’ Roll conviction. Leaning heavily on their three latest (and commercially most successful) releases, they still picked several tracks from their many prebreak-through albums to the audience’s joy. “No Song Unheard,” the single from their stunning High Visibility (2000) album, might sound a bit dull and uninspired, but except from that, the rest of the show was pure pleasure. The title track from By The Grace Of God (2002) was the most welcomed moment among the cheering crowd. Other highlights were the opener “Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial,” “Carry Me Home,” and “Better Than You.”

Norwegian Brut Boogaloo did an awesome job as the evening’s support act. Check out their brilliant debut album When The Dog Takes Over.


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