MAESTRO – Through The Ice Storm

MAESTRO - Through The Ice Storm


Release date: July 1, 2006

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A growing trend in Metal nowadays seems to be a pleasant change of pace via an increase in the number of female-fronted bands. Quebec (Canada) throws their “hat in the ring” with a band called Maestro. Maestro was formed in 2004 and is led by guitarist and composer Hugues Maestro Pero, who decided to “compose” and record an album. He hired a local singer for the lead vocals, and then released Diary Of A Vampire in 2005. Bassist Oliver Scott and drummer “Maximus” joined soon after that release. Near the end of 2005, the threesome decided to end their relationship with their “singer-for-hire.” Without a vocalist, the threesome took part in a side project named “Slaves Of Sins,” where they had the opportunity to once again play with a past acquaintance, Jessica Graves, a young soprano singer. The chemistry between the foursome was overwhelming, and Jessica was invited to join Maestro. Seven months later, the band released their first album (an EP actually), Through The Ice Storm.

Maestro’s music is somewhat diverse and not easily described. The band seems to draw inspiration from many forms of music, including Metal, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, and touches of Goth Rock. Signatures, changes, and harmonies are on the complex side, giving the aura that indeed the music was “composed.”

Jessica’s vocals stray closer to a Lana Lane versus an Amy Lee (Evanescence). Her multi-layered, operatic-like harmonies are nicely done and have their own Melodic sense that occasionally reminds of … shutter — this is meant as a compliment — Abba (check out “Take My Life” for a good example of this). “The Feast” is a high-throttled track that includes some male backing vocals that help give the track that Goth touch. Of course, Pero’s heavy riffing and piercing soloing throughout (one guitar passage sounding almost like a violin) erases any doubts about this being Goth and NOT being Metal.

For a self-produced debut release, this is a strong effort. The production could certainly afford to be a bit more polished, as it doesn’t bowl you over like a strong Power Metal sound could. That aside, the band would be a nice fit for labels such as Magna Carta or Nightmare Records. After listening to this one, you get a sense that this CD is merely the beginning of many great things that could come from this band if they stay the course.


Jessica Grave – Lead Vocals
Hugues Maestro Pero – Guitar, Composer, Writer
Oliver Scott – Bass
Maximus – Drums


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