TY OLIVER – Healed Through Time

TY OLIVER - Healed Through Time


Fastlane Records
Release date: June 1, 2006

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There’s a plethora of “words of wisdom” and “ancient proverbs” that everyone encounters in life through parents, teachers, etc. Two popular ones are “First Impressions Are Everything” and the somewhat antonymous “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.” If you were to visit the Web site for Northern California native guitarist, Ty Oliver and make a judgment based on his appearance (no offense or disrespect intended), you might assume that Healed Through Time is a “Goth” release or perhaps an all out Speed Metal release. Well, some might be disappointed to find out that Healed Through Tim is neither a Speed nor Goth release, and no two “tags” could be further from the truth in describing this all guitar instrumental offering!

First things first … yes, the Joe Satriani and Steve Vai influences are occasionally evident throughout this release, and Ty takes no liberties in hiding these influences on his discography Web page. What this release isn’t is a bombardment of high speed picking, runs, etc. Instead of pummeling the listener with speed licks, Ty’s delivery preference is through melody and feel, which provides for a more lasting and memorable experience. Now, some naysayers might say this is just a “cop out,” but truth be told, Ty could “shred” if he wanted to (as evidenced on some of this platter’s more upbeat tracks), but prefers to remain more artistic and Melodic. When all is said and done, after a few listens of this CD, you’ll will be much better off because you’ll have walked away from an entertaining experience.

The disc starts out with a strong, mid-tempo Melodic stomp in “Lost In Thought.” The strumming, guitar squeaks, growls, etc., make for a very emotional and memorable track. The from-the-heart feel and melody comes off very well, and makes this one an enjoyable summertime tune. “Driven” is a high-throttled jam, much in the vein of Satriani’s “Summer Song.” In this same class are “Race Day” and “After Dark.” All four cuts should more than satisfy the most hardcore of guitar enthusiasts.

The diversity in this disc lies in the other six tracks, which are more on the Melodic Pop or Ballad side of things. These tracks are perfect vehicles for the emotion and compassion in Ty’s playing. Each of these tracks sounds like it’s trying to tell a tale or emit an emotion, almost as if the guitar is singing the lyrics (in absence of a vocalist). Some of these tracks should be perfect for a late night listen for a guitar fanatic who just wants to ease into the night, sipping Bourbon on the Rocks, or in want of something to play amid mixed company.

Bottom line, a commendable debut release that has its sights on “wooing” the listener into becoming a fan versus “pummeling” their eardrums. Ty shows he can play with melody, feel, and conviction, toe-to-toe with the big names. Ultimately, this leads to an album that holds one’s attention in an otherwise mired pool of guitar instrumental releases. His tenacity demonstrates his desire to be deemed and known as an “artist” who uses a guitar as his “brush,” versus an “athlete” who uses their guitar as running shoes.


Ty Oliver – All Guitars, Bass
Matt Sotelo – Bass, Drums, Production
Jake McCuen – Bass, Drums


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