HEADRUSH – A Thousand Pictures (Ep)

HEADRUSH - A Thousand Pictures (Ep)


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Release date: June 1, 2006

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Well, although this particular review might be catalogued as an “Independent Review” on the Metal Express Radio Website, and Headrush will probably be unknown to the majority of the people reading this review, you can expect that to all change next year as enough music fans get their hands on this spectacular six-track debut EP entitled A Thousand Pictures.

This five piece, dual guitar band (not to be confused with guitarist Alex De Rosso’s Headrush project from last year) hails from the bloody ‘ole United Kingdom. Right out of the starting gate, these gents are turning heads (and ears) as they’ve garnered attention from infamous Producer Stuart Epp (Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Twisted Sister) who co-produced this little gem.

Musically, the band sounds similar to a guitar riff laden, high energy version of Guns ‘N Roses (GNR). The GNR references are not in any shape or form due to the vocal characteristics of Andy Law, but are due, more in part, to guitarists Dave Leese and Chris Khosa. Both guitarists have a very thick “wah-wah,” Gibson Les Paul, intensive lead sound. Let’s put it this way, guitar fans that enjoy Slash’s works will not be terribly disappointed in this EP. The rhythm sound is incredibly thick and “buzz saw like,” with plenty of solid Rock help from Tom Shaw on Bass and Russ Gwynne on Drums. Andy Law is a competent, Melodic Rock vocalist, to put it bluntly. References to Sebastian Bach and Graham Bonnet have been made and perhaps those are the best comparisons.

Citing highlights would be worthless as every track is as good as the proceeding one and any attempt to do so would result in conveying pure, personal favoritism of any track. All tracks have big Rock choruses, infectious melodies, strong riffs, and a sparkle of attitude and Sleaze. Simply put, this EP rocks from end to end. The only thing close to a ballad is “Consumed,” and even that rocks! From start to finish, the disc seems to end oh so soon and leaves you wanting more!

The good news is that the Headrush Web site has lyrics printed for thirteen songs, including five from this EP (the others might be from an earlier EP), so hopefully once a record deal is penned, the band can get a full album out. They’ve already been offered a publishing deal with “The New Black Corporation,” which is headed by the A&R man who signed The Hives and HIM to name a few.

So “Head” over to their MySpace site and listen to their samples, or better yet, request their music on Metal Express Radio (refer to them as Headrush (UK) to avoid confusion) when a DJ is online. Then order a copy of this EP, which qualifies as one of the year’s best and will surely make a lot of 2006 “Best Of” lists where it has to contend with other artist’s full-length contributions.


Andy Law – Lead Vocals
Dave ‘Sleaze’ Leese – Guitars
Chris ‘The Tramp’ Khosa – Guitar
Tom Shaw – Bass
Russ Gwynne – Drums


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