BLISSED – Corrosive

BLISSED - Corrosive
  • 7/10
    BLISSED - Corrosive - 7/10


KR Records
Release date: May 3, 2006

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The title gives the impression that this will be intolerable. Actually, it’s closer to Green Day; though some elements might be spouted at a different concentration. Like, it uses shards of Dead Soul Tribe. For those most parts, it’s a happy marriage between Punk and Metal. Then again, it sometimes finds itself in a bizarre love triangle where it’s caught three-waying with Power Pop. On the whole, it’s grungy and rough as hell, which is why disclaimers give indication that this medicine will not go down without tummy troubles.

Attempting to the lower its toxicity, “Run” and “Bittersweet” are balladic in nature. As for the rest, it’s not the easiest to swallow, but it’s ingestible.

Because their style is consistently lumpy from tip to toe, no real standouts will be found here. Still, their brand is fascinating and the back cover with credits on industrial-strength cleaners is rather clever. That aside, twelve tracks of this material might be too much. For the record, dilution is recommended, so the outflow is inline with the album’s acrimonious name. Just as is written on the label, Blissed’s Corrosive is noxious stuff, but in all sincerity it’s listenable when drunk in moderation.


  • Joshua Turner

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