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Release Date: April 21, 2006

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The Shitheadz were founded in 1992, and had limited success over the last few years with albums such as Demonride and Dirty Pounding Gasoline. Unfortunately, there is only so far one can go with such an outlandish moniker. As many bands do over the course of a career, “The Shitheadz” re-invented themselves. The band is now known as Motorjesus, a name no less offensive, but less frequently censored.

With the new name comes a new release and Deathrider is a furious battering of Hardcore Metal loaded with strong melodies and hook-laden choruses. Sounding like a cross between Anthrax and Corrosion of Conformity, this band isn’t a lighthearted affair. Serious double bass and thick 16th-note guitar riffs comprise the disc’s 12 tracks. Opening the disc, “Legion of Rock” is a peppy number with an 80’s throwback anthem chorus, which is followed up by the thrashing “Destroyer,” which aims to do just what its title says. Track number 3 — “10 feet Under Ground” — sounds like a modern Rock radio standard issue in the likes of Adema, Break the Cycle, and Shinedown.

Vocalist Chris Birx, who brings his James-Hetfield-meets-Brent-Smith sounding vocals to the table, gives Motorjesus the leg up that so many bands are missing. Chris harnesses a lot of power and delivers his lyrics clearly with an excellent sense of melody. The rest of the band is rounded out by lead guitarist Andreas Peters, rhythm guitarist Guido Reuss, bassist Mark Neschen, and drummer Oliver Beck. Andre and Guido lay down chunky rhythms in the vein of Judas Priest and Anthrax, with Mark and Oliver locking in underneath them, giving the band a very thick and driving sound.

The music is strong enough to keep the Mosh-Pit turning, but maintains enough melody and sense of strong, singable choruses to break into the radio market. Lyrically, the band keeps to mainstay Metal fodder like death, darkness, and the eternal wave of an anarchist flag in the face of conformity. Of the 12 tracks on the disc, at least 8 are of “single” caliber; an unheard of number in a day when many albums are fortunate to have even one strong tune. Could “Motorjesus” be The Beatles of Metal in the turn-of-the-Century? Probably not, but the strength of this releases is impressive for such a relatively new band.

For those who enjoy strong songwriting that is well-executed and multidimensional in its presentation, Motorjesus have an album for you. Deathrider will have your neck pounding, your fists flailing, and will bring out your inner air-guitarist for every track.


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