AMERICAN HEARTBREAK – American Heartbreak

AMERICAN HEARTBREAK - American Heartbreak


Liquor And Poker Music
Release date: April 18, 2006

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The band American Heartbreak is most likely not a household name, but they have the ability to become just that after their second full release, which happens to be self-titled, American Heartbreak hits all shores. This San Francisco, USA-based quintet was co-founded by Billy Rowe (once a guitarist for the 80’s glam band Jetboy). Rowe, along with vocalist Lance Boone and ex-Exodus bassist Michael Butler, first broke the band onto the music scene in 1997 with an EP, which was followed up by their first full-length album in 2000. A split-CD release, a hybrid live/acoustic/covers release and six years later the band are back (or perhaps starting anew) with a new record label and logo (seemingly inspired by the late 60’s – early 70’s USA comedic sitcom Love American Style) and a 13-track release.

The music contained within oozes with strong, Pop-based hooks and melodies that come out sounding like a mix of Glam/Sleaze/Punk/Hard Rock, while still remaining sensibly pure and completely accessible. These gents have strong roots in early Rock-based bands like Aerosmith, UFO, Cheap Trick, Kiss, and AC/DC (perhaps Enuff Z’Nuff too), and fortunately some of these influences bleed over into this release, which is a good thing. Make no mistake; no modern “Metal” monikers like “NWOAHM,” “Heavy Metal,” etc., can be placed on these guys. This music is founded on straight-ahead Rock and hooks that grow on the listener after each spin. The melodies are strong enough that they should appeal to a wide fan base, from teenagers to adults, as most of these tracks should indeed do very well on USA FM-based radio stations. Yes, when listening to most of these tracks, one can envision all the female fans partaking in dance at a live American Heartbreak show. Consequently, your not going to find self-indulgent guitar solos here. The solos you do find (e.g., the slide guitar in “Isolation”) help add to the “good feel” vibe the band tends to portray.

Lyrically, the band keeps things on a mostly positive and upbeat note, without losing themselves in any “lovey-dovey ballad” type songs … it’s all about having a good time and a positive attitude. Even the track entitled “BITCH” doesn’t come off as sounding entirely derogatory, which is a refreshing change of pace in today’s music scene.

One can easily enumerate many highlights in this release, but the first half seems to have the strongest and most accessible hooks in “Somebody,” “Sick N’ Tired,” “Love Your Abuse,” etc. They’re all built on strong, simple (but highly effective) backbeats. “Love Your Abuse” actually starts out sounding like a fast-paced John Rzeznik/Goo-Goo Dolls track … until the chorus kicks in.

Bottom line, Cheap Trick and Enuff Z’Nuff fans, especially, should get a thrill out of American Heartbreak and this CD. They have a refreshing sound and provide a change of pace compared to a lot of generic-sounding bands that come out nowadays. Kudos to Liquor And Poker Music for picking up the ball on these guys, as American Heartbreak is the top contender for 2006’s top Pop/Glam release of the year!


Lance Boone – Lead Vocals
Billy Rowe – Lead, Rhythm, Slide & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Casey Crenshaw – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals
Michael Butler – Bass, Vocals
Paul Scavuzzo – Drums*

Additional Musicians:
*Johnny Cruz – Drums for recording sessions of this release only.


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