GWYDION – Horn Triskelion

GWYDION - Horn Triskelion
  • 8.5/10
    GWYDION - Horn Triskelion - 8.5/10


SMP / Trollzorn Records
Release date: April 9, 2006

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As culture travels fast, so do various types of Metal. From the shores of the Celtic lands to the terra firma of Portugal, this is the journey of Gwydion. Paying tribute to maybe the foremost of themes in Folk/Viking Metal, this group of wanderers present their second release, Horn Triskelion. Through its vast chapters, it is rather hard to accept that this band is actually far from sharing a relation to their foretold stories. Nevertheless, as performers, they are more related than many other bands, even the native Celtic ones.

Like on many Folk/Viking style albums it is all about the stories and atmosphere. The music rather takes second place. However, when this mixture is driven into extreme places of a mish-mash of Black Metal, the music takes back its rightful place beside the themes. In Gwydion’s case, the keyboards and vocals seize the center stage. Although the band has two guitarists, lead and rhythm, it seems that the leading role was taken by the oblivious keys of Daniel Cesar. Cesar is truly the star of this release as he takes the chief position on Horn Triskelion and contributes to the snowy magic.

Apart from Cesar, Ruben Almeida, the diverse vocalist, the rest of the band’s peers have their fair share of the success of this release. By developing themselves along the years and finding new ways to idle their Folkish tales, Gwydion is another new perspective in their genuinely extreme style. Tales of ale, battles, conquests and ancient religions are better told by the right kind of music. Gwydion, besides being right to take the suitable direction, made it more than just a worthwhile experience. Their quest for glory has been running for almost fifteen years now and it seems that there is no stopping the Celtic apparatus.

Riding through a few melodic verses, booming choir vocals and unique musical landscapes, Gwydion presents hard Folk Metal, yet a great inspiration for one’s historian spirit or a true Metal heart. A listener will gather their wits with “Fara I Viking”, hail the city of the gods with “From Hel To Asgard”, fight the snakes on “Oflussa (A Terra Das Serpentes), sing along with “Mead Of Poetry”, join the horde of “Triskelion Horde Is Nigh” and get cold with the snowy “Cold Tempered”. The journey has its stopping breaks. Although not everything is a bloody cherry, there is still something to hope for. Take a listen to the odes of keyboards and you will find your burning heart. Go on, raise your drink and take a sip of the ancient.


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