ZEELION – Steel Attack

ZEELION - Steel Attack


Lion Music
Release date: March 24, 2006

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Steel Attack ushers in the return of the Scandinavian-based band Zeelion, who is back after a hefty six-year hiatus seemingly ventured after releasing their debut album. Six years is a long time, and many current Metal fans probably have never heard of the band, much less their debut CD. So for all intents and purposes, Steel Attack will represent an initial, first impression to almost everyone. In some respects, there might be some merit to treating Steel Attack as a quasi-debut release. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, Steel Attack winds up being a strong release.

The band’s label proclaims Zeelion as having a “… classic Scandie Hard Rock sound with traces of Neo-Classical Metal and Melodic Rock.” While this statement can’t be refuted, the band’s sound on Steel Attack might be easier classified as non-contemporary or “old-school” Metal. This isn’t to say that it’s outdated by any means, it’s more of a testament to the few frills, straight-ahead Rock approach that the band has laid down on this release.

The CD starts out in fine fashion with the driving, slightly Neo-Classical feel and sound of “I Burn,” with the band’s most distinct feature, being vocalist Lenny De Rose, providing a nice, harmonized chorus. The driving tempo is nicely controlled by a combination of Sudden’s guitar and a strong rhythm section in Oke and Fredo. The point being, the music is forceful, yet the chorus is memorable without crossing the boundary into pure Melodic Rock or AOR shtick.

The next track, “I Remember,” is more of the same, and this opening pair of tracks truly provides a nice foundation for a strong release. The title track is another nice cut of Metal that has an upbeat tempo built on a strong Rock beat with a bit of Neo-Classical guitar soloing thrown in for good measure. The songwriting follows this winning formula for half the release, while the other five tracks, scattered throughout the middle and end sections, are somewhat less memorable.

Bottom line, Steel Attack is a strong effort of straight-ahead Metal with some nice guitar work. The release stands as a strong group effort, as no one performance in the quintet will cause the listener to lose control of his or her bodily functions. Combined, they produce a crisp, even sound with most tracks leaving the listener with a chorus that will be remembered throughout the day. Zeelion’s sound presents a quandary as there always seems to be something in their sound that seems familiar, yet remains distinct enough to prevent any named comparisons. If you’re a fan of straight-ahead Metal with some slight Melodic and Neo-classical overtones, then this release might be worth checking out.


Lenny De Rose – Vocals
Sudden – Guitars
Johnathan Oke – Bass
Mats Olsson – Keyboards
Fredo – Drums


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