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Musician Jazan Wild recently released a hip comic book and CD combo entitled Jazan Wild’s Carnival of Souls (see our review here. Metal Express Radio was fortunate enough to catch up with Jazan before he started packing for the upcoming Kiss Expo in Tokyo in February.

Tell us a little about Jazan Wild, who he is.
Jazan Wild was a kid who went to a carnival with his mother. He lost her and his whole life in a plane crash. He was the sole survivor or was he? Is he alive or not? What’s real or reality anyway?

How did you get into music?
Music got into me. I can’t remember a day or moment without rhythm.

Who influenced your musical career? Kiss reached me. There was something about the fantasy, escape and wildness I loved! I still love that!

On “Carnival Of Souls” you did the vocals and played most of the instruments. How did you decide on such an ambitious move for a first project?
In bands there are so many fights and bullshit that it gets old. I love steering the ship. So many times people put so much time and effort into building a band or project, just to have someone get a monkey up their ass about something or a bitchy girlfriend, and there goes years of work down the drain! I won’t let anyone control my future but me and Karma!

On the album you played most of the instruments. Does any one instrument define “Jazan Wild”? For example, do you see yourself as more of a guitarist versus a keyboardist?
I hate boxes! I won’t put myself in one. It isn’t fun being caged (I should know, being “Tigerboy” and all). When I write a song, I hear every part and every instrument. I love songs and stories more than any one instrument. All that being said, I do love jungle rhythms on the drums!

You’ve stated elsewhere that the content of the Comic Book and CD were developed simultaneously. Why a Comic Book? Are you a fan of comics?
I love the fantasy side of comics. There are a lot of crap comics. People forget a lot of times that the most important part is the story! Stunning art without a good story is meaningless. A comic book allows you to see what I’m seeing. But if the story is good, you should be able to take away all the art, and still the words should fill the canvas in the reader’s mind’s eye!

What is the basis of the characters in Carnival Of Souls? Did the basis of any of these characters draw from real-life experiences?
The stories all draw from feeling, emotions and events that I’ve felt or witnessed. The first issue, if you look close deals with divorce, loss, love and betrayal. Things we all can relate to. When I write a song, it’s the same. You have to be turned on and be open to let emotions flow out. Whether you’re completely “Broken” which I was when I wrote that song, or horny when I wrote “The Snake”!

Did you have any say on the production team for the Comic? Did you know ahead of time, for example, that Kevin Conrad’s (Penciler/Inker) artistic style was what you ultimately were looking for?
100 Percent! Kevin is my best friend and like a brother to me. I loved his work on the Kiss Psycho Circus Comic Series and on Spawn! He’s just the best! I am a huge fan of Stefan Petrucha (X-Files Writer) who scripts the books. I come up with the stories and map things out from page to page and then Stefan brings the characters to life! He also throws in plot twists that are awesome!

How did you get involved with the Kiss camp? How did Bob Kulick and Curt Cuomo (Producers) get involved?
I loved Curt’s writing on Kiss’ Carnival of Souls CD and Psycho Circus! I had to work with him. I am very persistent. “No” really isn’t in my vocabulary. We worked together very well. Axl Rose became a client in the studio we were in and getting time became very tough. So I got lucky enough to see Bob Kulick at Gene Simmons’ Asshole CD release party and I knew that he would be the man to take the CD to the next level! He was gracious enough to take me on! I slept on his lawn until he said yes! The rest is “Kisstory”! (I didn’t say that did I?)

Gene Simmons is a big comic book collector. Has he seen Carnival Of Souls? Has there been any other feedback from or interaction with Kiss members?
I did send Gene the first Issue with CD. I’m going to send him Issue 2 as well. He is a real life hero of mine! I admire him and what he’s done with his life. I haven’t heard back from him. I’m waiting to hear from his lawyers though, just kidding!

Who are some of your favorite musicians, whom do you listen to and why?
Bon Jovi (I love the band), Led Zep, Journey, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Van Halen! I love Rock Stars!!!! Fuck the assholes that don’t even try to entertain the crowd. Give me P.T. Barnum and Ringling Brothers!

Besides Carnival Of Souls, what’s your favorite Comic Book and why?
Spawn, I really dig Todd McFarlane! Kiss Psycho Circus Series is awesome! My favorite series is the X-Files series from Topps Comics. Stefan Petrucha did such an incredible job on that series. Each book was like a Stephen King novel crammed into a single comic issue.

What’s next for Jazan Wild? Any plans? Will you continue with the Carnival Of Souls concept either in its current form or perhaps a different comic/CD altogether?
Today I talked to 2 movie companies. Both said they see Carnival as an animated movie. They both also brought up a video game. I am also trying to put together a tour; I have a great guitarist and drummer. The guitarist is J.D. Bradshaw (a fucking monster on the axe), I’ve known J.D. since we were kids! Pauly is a drummer I met when I went to London for the Kiss Expo. He is currently a drummer for the Alice Cooper tribute band. I am writing the songs for the 2nd CD, as well as working on Issue 3 of the comic series. I also have a novel titled “The Tree” that is a very heartfelt story. I’m not allowed to say anymore about that right now.

Any last words?
I like SEXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like it too and are not a dude, Contact me at my website.

Also be sure to catch Jazan at the February 25th/26th Tokyo Kiss Expo with Eric Singer, Bruce and Bob Kulick.


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