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Release date: February 24, 2006

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Nowadays, the countries of Northern Europe hold the pole position in the Metal Scene with successful bands like Evergrey, Nightwish, Amorphis, and so on. Fatal Smile is another spawn of this Metal machine that has already drawn some media attention with their debut album entitled Beyond Reality back in 2002.

The band from Sweden was formed in 1995 when the guitarist Y arrived in Stockholm and made contact with the bass player Markus Johansson and vocalist H.B. Anderson. The three musicians formed a solid line-up that earned a record deal with the Swedish label GMR through successful live performances. After the release of the aforementioned debut album, the band went on a three week headlining tour in the States, playing 16 shows in 21 days.

The time was right to make the next step, and drummer Tomas Lindgren completed the lineup that started working on new material. Fatal Smile’s first single from the second album, entitled Learn-Love-Hate, climbed to the #3 position of the Swedish Top 40 Charts, where it stayed for 4 weeks.

Musically, the band moves in Hard Rock territory were bands like Motley Crüe, Pretty Maids, and Monster Magnet have already settled. Anderson’s rasp voice and Y’s guitar riffs are the strongest elements among the 10 tracks of the Fatal Smile second spawn Neo Natural Freaks. The album’s “dirty” and powerful sound is a courtesy of the Jonas Östman (Yngwie Malmsteen) and Stefan Glaumann, who were responsible for the sound production and mix, respectively.

The album opens dynamically with the homonymous track “Neo Natural Freaks” that is comprised of a groovy low-tuned guitar rhythm and a really catchy chorus. “Bleeding Kiss” slows down a little in favor of the melody, featuring some very good guitar leads and fills. After “Crash And Burn,” which follows a Stoner Rock direction underlined by Anderson’s matching vocal performance, is the track from the successful single “Learn-Love-Hate.” This is a “in your face” Rocker with a memorable chorus that proves why the single remained three weeks on the Swedish charts. The tempo slows down and gains on heaviness in “Quiet Chaos,” that starts like Twisted Sister’s “Captain Howdy.” The song is as good as the Sister’s track, with heavy riffs and another impressive vocal performance.

“Practice What You Preach” takes one small step towards Modern Hard Rock, while Y really shines with his guitar work during “Dead Man Walking.” The melodic “Colorblind” is followed by “Common People,” a faster song on the album that has distinct Monster Magnet influences, especially in the vocals. The album closes with the catchy and groovy “11th Hour.”

Definitely the 10 tracks of Neo Natural Freaks prove that all the sensation created around Fatal Smile with the release of Beyond Reality was something more than justified. Check them out at their official site, and, of course, don’t hesitate to send your requests as soon as the MER DJ is on line.


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