MAIN ATTRACTION – Keep On Coming Back…

MAIN ATTRACTION - Keep On Coming Back...


MTM Music
Release date: February 22, 2006

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Norwegian vocalist/guitarist Bennech Lyngboe is probably best known to most as part of the duo responsible for the conception of the band On the Rise (OTR), with vocalist/guitarist Terje Eide. They released one album together in 2003, which, incidentally, was the year Lyngboe left the band, citing “musical differences” as the reason. Using material he wrote for the next OTR release (that never happened) as a foundation, Lyngboe partnered up with a long-time writing partner of his, Marc Farrano. The duo ended up writing a dozen new tracks, which was more than enough to fill a new release, and took the moniker Main Attraction. With material and a band name in hand, all Lyngboe needed was a backing band. Lyngboe assembled a rhythm section in Zsolt Meszaros (Drums) and Jan Martin Kleveland (Bass), who had worked with Lyngboe on the first OTR release. Lastly, and certainly not the least, Ronny Heimdal (Guitar/Keyboards) was brought in to fulfill the guitar duties.

The quartet recorded some demos, which garnered much interest from labels in the States and the U.K. When all was said and done, Main Attraction had settled with Germany’s MTM Music, who now brings us their debut album. The release is aptly entitled Keep On Coming Back …, and that’s certainly what you’ll do once you spin this gem a few times.

The first thing you’ll recognize when this CD starts up is the melodies … the sweet, sweet melodies. There are melodies throughout the songs, the guitar leads, and even in the catchy, memorable choruses. When’s the last time a CD had you humming a melody in your head hours after you’ve walked away from your player? This is not to suggest that this music is “wimpy” … the guitars of Heimdal ensure that there’s always an edge to the music, as well as a slightly Jazz-Rock feel, inspired by the rhythm section of Meszaros and Kleveland.

Specifics? The first track, “Calm Before The Storm,” opens with a melodic guitar strum that bursts into some heavy guitar by Heimdal. Then, Lyngboe enters on vocals, and his pipes emit a striking resemblance to Gary Barden (MSG, Silver). The catchy chorus gives way to an energetic lead guitar bridge backed by an almost Jazz-like rhythm section. It’s almost as if the trio breaks into tiny instrumental “Jazz Jams” of sorts throughout this release.

There’s no slowing down as “Remember” is more of the same, but a touch better. The instrumental interlude in this one is longer and even more breathtaking. Heimdal’s solo has the feel of Holdsworth, with an almost underlying Van Halen sound. This is where one should realize that Heimdal is an up and coming guitarist with great potential, worthy of creating great things. He has the phrasing, feel, and tone to make an impact on the music world.

“Until You” is another potential hit with its very catchy chorus (Lyngboe sounding very Barden-ish), capped off with another emotional, melodic solo by Heimdal. “Over The Top” is another solid Hard Rock track containing some of the most grueling guitar sounds heard since Van Halen’s “Intruder” on Diver Down. Of the twelve tracks included here, only “Beyond The Edge” is a true ballad. The good news is it’s the last track on the disc, and most won’t get to it since they’ll be hitting their “repeat button” to listen to the other gems over and over again.

For a debut release, this one is an outstanding effort and will be a clear-cut winner as one of 2006’s best Hard Rock/AOR releases! It contains melody, feel, great vocals, and great musicianship. It’s amazing how the band transitions a song seamlessly through stages of an AOR hit, to a hard-hitting Jazz instrumental bridge, and then transitions back into the winning AOR format. Meszaros puts down some of the best beats not heard in quite a while on other Hard Rock releases. To cap it all off, it highlights one of Jazz/Rock/Progressive music’s rising guitar stars in Ronny Heimdal. Supposedly, Lyngboe is determined to promote this release live as much as possible. Just hope he can keep this line-up together for a sophomore release, because it should be a highly anticipated album in 2007!


Bennech Lyngboe – Vocals
Ronny Heimdal – Guitars, Keyboards
Jan Martin Kleveland – Bass
Zsolt Meszaros – Drums


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