NEBULA – Apollo

NEBULA - Apollo


Liquor and Poker Music
Release date: February 21, 2006

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Nebula’s Psychedelic Rock follows in the footsteps of past generations, beginning in the ’60s, when men were men … and fleeing to Canada. Fortunately at present, since dodging a military draft is not a concern (for the time being, at least), the only trip to be had is to put on Nebula’s CD Apollo, and become one with the universe.

But doesn’t Nebula know that the universe is expanding? — that Psych-Rock is passé, outmoded by modern Progressive Rock’s symphonic and instrumental extravaganzas? — that marketing gurus prophesize the demise of any band intent on keeping the faith in a style that supposedly died out with the hippies who fried their brains creating it?

Surely they’ve heard it all before and don’t care. They are doing their thing, and they do it well. Nebula’s music is a celebration and continuance of the best from Psych, Blues, and Punk, occasionally retrofitted with the rhythm sound of more contemporary Hard Rock. The jams are tight and layered with Blues-influenced guitar riffing and solos.

This band’s creative disposition has the devilish charm of, say, Hendrix or Blue Oyster Cult. While Apollo does not pack the punch of Nebula’s prior release, Atomic Ritual, a nice variety of tunes make it a tasty follow-up to their previous release’s thicker instrumentation. It appears to have a different goal in its leanings toward the Psych and early Punk influences. Emphasis has shifted away from the Fu Manchu-esque, quasi-Sabbath wall of fuzz, although not entirely.

In fact, Nebula is two parts ex-Fu, with Eddie Glass on vocals and guitar, and Ruben Romano on drums. The new release finds them with a new bassist, Tom Davies, to round out the heavy trio. In addition to 14 tracks, the Apollo CD includes a cosmically enhanced, live-performance video of “Future Days.” Yeah, baby.

Apollo is a worthy listen for anyone interested in this classic genre. With three EPs and four full-length albums under their belt, Nebula keep touring and keep reminding crowds of what it was, what it is, and what it shall be when all trendy trips are over and the people get another hankering for music that evokes the soul of Hard Rock in its unadulterated form.


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