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Metal Mayhem Music
Release Date: February 21, 2006

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Talk about a true “blast from the past”… along comes Kidd Blue’s debut CD, Big Trouble. Kidd Blue, originally from San Francisco, California, USA, is a band from 1989 that seemingly got lost in the music scene’s transition from Hair Metal to Grunge. Unfortunately, they were shelved with two album’s worth of songs hanging in the balance … until now. Vocalist Bobby Blue has secured a two album record deal with Metal Mayhem Music (a label “dedicated to keeping 80’s Metal, AOR, Melodic and Hair Bands alive!”) and Big Trouble is the first offering.

Big Trouble is culled from tracks originally laid down on analog tape some sixteen years ago. So, the first obvious question might be that of sound quality. Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be much degradation … sure the production sounds slightly dated, but nothing to deter from the fun or joy of listening to this release.

The music itself is pure, solid, undisputed 80’s Hair Metal/Hard Rock. The music is full of songs that ride on nice, strong, 4/4 Rock-fused rhythm sections. The lyrics are semi-intelligent (not a common trait of 80’s Metal) and the “Stadium Rock” choruses are infectious, fun, and memorable (e.g., the title track “Big Trouble”). Bobby Blue is a capable, melodic singer, and can go toe-to-toe with the best of the 80’s era singers. Guitar-wise, Steve Barton simply rocks! The “big” guitar rhythm sounds and feel are very reminiscent of early Icon, even though Kidd Blue’s music, in contrast, is typically a little more melodic. “Restless Eyes” especially stands out as having a very tenacious Icon feel to it, and comes across as one of the album’s winners. Barton’s guitar solos shouldn’t go unacknowledged too, as they have a very pungent bite and tone to them that commands you to sit up straight in your chair while listening. To put things into perspective, Barton’s lead tone is akin to that of Randy Rhoads’ tone … possibly not a far stretch of the imagination as Barton is pictured with what could possibly be a Jackson Flying V.

Bottom line, this is an outright, stereotypical 80’s Hair Metal/Hard Rock release gushing with infectious choruses, melody, and lyrics mostly about relationships. For fans of Metal Express Radio’s Hairbanger’s Hairspray Show, this should be considered a must buy. Anyone else looking for a Modern Rock sound should look elsewhere, while the 80’s pundits rejoice and enjoy an era lost years ago that is hopefully in the midst of resurgence.


Bobby Blue – Vocals
Steve Barton – Guitars
Robert “Sox” Canchola – Bass
Mark Dubin – Drums


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