YYRKOON – Unearthly Opera

YYRKOON - Unearthly Opera


Osmose Production
Release date: February 20, 2006

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This band with the strange name, Yyrkoon, was formed in France in 1995. A 5-song demo tape entitled Oath, Obscure, Occult was the band’s maiden release, which saw the light of the day in 1996. The experimental Black Metal in the aforementioned demo tape convinced a French record label to offer the band an album contract. From that day, many line up changes took place, as the band was trying to stabilize a music profile and direction. Yyrkoon’s debut full-length album Oniric Transition was released in 1998, and was musically close to the demo tape with a more mature sound. In order to make the most of the success in the underground Metal Scene, the band moved on in search of a new record deal. For this purpose, they recorded a promo CD which was called Forgotten Past.

After some successful live shows inside the French territory, and some more line-up changes, the band recorded their second full-length album, Dying Sun, with a new record deal and a new musical direction towards Thrash Metal.

The decision to lose the keyboards had a direct effect in the music of the second album, Occult Medicine, which was brutal and closer to Death Metal. The release of this album happened via a new record deal with the French label Osmose Productions. Highly motivated by the freshly signed contract, the band solidified the line-up with a full-time drummer, and after 2 years, is now ready to release their third full-length album named Unearthly Opera.

After the short intro, “Something Breathes,” there is the homonymous track that kicks in with some classic Death Metal drum blasts and the fitting aggressive vocal performance. The term “classic” is quickly removed as soon as the guitar solo appears somewhere in the middle, bearing a Progressive finish. The faster tempo in “From the Depths” reveals the Black Metal past of Yyrkoon, with influences from bands like Emperor, especially in the complicated guitar leads. Following the heavy and mid-tempo “Avatar Ceremony,” there is an instrumental called “Temple of Infinity” that features some guitar arpeggios and solos, which brings to mind Andy La Rocque’s work in King Diamond’s albums.

The very good sound production and mix creates a dark atmosphere throughout the album that supports the lyrics about the so called Lovecraftian Mythology.

The effort of blending the aggressive and brutal sound of Death Metal with sophisticated, almost Progressive guitars is nothing new in the Death Metal scene; it was initially introduced by Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.) via his work with Death and Control Denied.

Some Morbid Angel influences can be found in songs like “Abnormal Intrusion” and “The Book,” where the bass guitar and the drums create a solid rhythm section that fits perfectly with the Death Metal growls.

The songs “Horror from the Sea,” “… of Madness,” and “Infecting Dementia” prove that there is high composing potential in these five musicians, each who must continue evolving and improving in order to create a personal style that will distinguish them from the rest of the pack.


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