at Sabbie Evolution, Milano, Italy, February 4, 2006

After hearing Extrema’s Set The World On Fire, Metal Express Radio decided to catch a gig with these four charismatic Italians while traveling in Italy and following King Diamond on tour, at the club Sabbie Evolution, which was located in the middle of an industrial area outside of Milan.

Extrema played a lot of songs from their newest album, as well as older hits like “Child o’Boogaow” and “Join Hands” from their 1993 album Tension At The Seams and “Money Talks” from their 1995 album Of Injustice.

The energy of this band on stage was incredible and their catchy song “All Around” was one of those songs that sticks in your mind for days to come after the gig. Singer G.L. Perotti totally transformed on stage. Off stage, he is like an insecure (but funny) brat, and on stage he’s the king of the world. Even after way too many beers, he doesn’t miss a beat. He sings like a god, jumps around, and is more energetic than people half his age.

Guitar player and main man of Extrema, Tommy Massara, is also famous for his wild appearance on stage, and it’s no wonder B.C. Rich guitars wanted to sponsor him. Seeing him interact with bass player Mattia Bigi was a pure pleasure. Extrema have found an ingenious way of mixing Trash Metal with old Heavy Metal, and even though they have been playing for over twenty years, they have a really modern and young sound. Their drummer Paolo Crimi has made a difference here with his extremely fast footwork.

To top the night of, they dedicated the outstanding song “Stupid White Man” to Metal Express Radio and thanked us for choosing Extrema over King Diamond. A wise decision, in the end, because Extrema delivers and they sound even better live than on CD.

Extrema’s Setlist

New World Disorder
2nd Coming
Positive Pressure
666 is Like Sex, Sex, Sex
Set the World on Fire
All Around
Stupid White Man
Child o’Boogaow
Road Pirates
Restless Soul
Malice & Dynamite
Money Talks
This Toy
Join Hands
Ace of Spades

After this gig, Extrema have played at both the Italian festival Gods of Metal and at the Sweden Rock Festival.


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