IN FLAMES – Come Clarity

IN FLAMES - Come Clarity


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Release date: February 3, 2006

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Undoubtedly, In Flames have earned their way up the publicity charts by releasing albums like The Jester Race, Colony, and Clayman. These have created a solid fan base that has kept the band in the frontline of the Melodic Death Metal scene (a.k.a. the Gothenburg sound). As the band’s reputation has grown with every album, so has the anticipation risen for each next release.

The release of a groundbreaking album is a two sided coin; the first and obvious side is the commercial success, which allows the band to perform at major live events … the second is that this album will haunt all of their future future releases, being the litmus test for comparative purposes. Some listeners that look at the second side of the coin will make arid comparisons instead of just enjoying the music.

Most of the band’s older fans saw the release of Reroute to Remain and Soundtrack to Your Escape as an attempt to make the most out of the success of the Melodic Death sound by introducing a mainstream profile into their songwriting. In some strange way, Come Clarity was expected to be the band’s return to the sound of the albums mentioned at the onset of this review, but making repetitive and useless comparisons isn’t the way to approach analyzing this new In Flames release.

The album opens dynamically with a fast riff in “Take this Life,” which carries the In Flames trademark regarding the twin guitars ahd the catchy refrain. A headbanging rhythm opens for “Leeches,” which has some electronic sounds embedded in the model sound production. The melodies during the chorus lines and the guitar solo can be considered as the definition of the Melodic Death Metal sound.

Things get a little bit slower in “Reflect the Storm,” which keeps a dark atmosphere given through a minimalist point of view.

“Dead End” comes as a surprise with the addition of Lisa Miskovsky’s sweet voice, blending in perfectly juxtapose to Friden’s screaming vocals. The aggressive and fast-tempo track “Scream” creates a sound contrast with the next song, “Come Clarity,” which includes some clean guitar melodies.

The return to the classic In Flames song pattern is marked with the neck-snapping main riff in “Vacuum,” the guitar hooks in “Pacing Death’s Trail,” and “Crawling Through Knives” … each will make everyone get into the mosh-pit when these are performed live. The same fast-tempo pattern is utilized in the next three songs “Vernus Terminus,” “Our Infinite Struggle,” and “Vanishing Light.” The guitar riffs are in the spotlight, carrying both melody and aggression with a Maiden-ish finish that characterizes In Flames’ musical identity. This beautiful drive with In Flames as a tour guide makes a final stop with the strange electronic sounds and melodies of “Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone.”

After the sensational DVD/CD package Used And Abused – In Live We Trust, In Flames has released an album that has already entered in most of the European charts with good reason. Every fan of the Melodic Death Metal scene should definitely acquire Come Clarity and hope that the band’s tour bus will make a stop your his hometown.


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