DEATHSTARS – Termination Bliss

DEATHSTARS - Termination Bliss


Nuclear Blast
Release date: January 27, 2006

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Dissection, Ophtalamia, and Swordmaster are all well-known names among those into the Scandinavian Black/Trash Metal scene –- in spite of certain non-musical acts of stupidity it cannot be denied that this part of the Swedish scene has come up with several classic albums throughout the 1990s. Deathstars is the baby of several members from the aforementioned bands -– Andreas Bergh (vocals), Emil Nödtveit (guitars), Jonas Kangur (bass), and Ole Öhman (drums). This is their second album -– their debut, Synthetic Generation, was released in 2002.

Except for the fact that the music is pretty dark, Deathstars has very little in common with the former projects by its members, as this is pure Synth/Goth Metal. Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, and The Kovenant (with K, not C) are good comparisons, but the Swedes come through fresher than any of those acts have sounded in a long time. Synthetic Generation was entirely average in several ways, however, Termination Bliss is far better in every aspect -– the playing is tighter, the grooves are catchier, and the songs entertain, rather than bore.

This is far from an original album, but the band use the old tricks in a good way, and as mentioned, the album sounds rather fresh even though all chord progressions and drum beats have been used by others several times before.

The opener, “Tongues,” isn’t too much to cheer about, but the following trio of “Blitzkrieg,” “Motherzone,” and “Cyanide” are far better -– catchy, dark, and enchanting. After two more tracks falling a bit below par, the album ends very well. While “Trinity Ends” has a great groove, “Death In Vogue” showcases both an epic and a commercial touch, making the track a good choice for a single. “Virtue to Vice” recalls German act Atrocity, with its simple piano theme and whispering voices, while the title track, which also ends the album, is atmospheric and dreaming in its structure (both musically and lyrically), and makes sure the listener is taken completely away before returning to Earth with a boom as the track’s 3 minutes and 43 seconds end in an instant.

One track has yet to be mentioned –- namely the album’s ace, “The Last Ammunition.” This is catchiness defined … a short and sexy slab of sleazy, slutty, cyber-Metal. The riff gets you instantly hooked, and the track really never lets go.

Termination Bliss is a huge step forward from the band’s debut, and a very good album definitely worth checking out for anyone into the dark and electronic side of things. The band still hasn’t showed they have any particularly new ideas to bring to the scene, and the band may very well have to develop a bit for their next releases in order to maintain the enthusiasm. However, for now … sit back and enjoy. Despite a few downpoints, this is a rock solid and very enjoyable release.

For those of you looking for the ultimate soundtrack to those fluorescent, ecstasy-drenched, purple neon-lit, topless club parties, which are always the main hide of the Eastern European gangsters in USA action films — this album is it!


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