AXXIS – Paradise In Flames

AXXIS - Paradise In Flames


Release date: January 23, 2006

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German Melodic Rock prophets Axxis definitely rank among the more experienced acts on the European scene with their nine full-length releases prior to this one. Throughout the years, they have built themselves a relatively large (mostly Central-European) fan base too, and could be considered reasonably successful as a band. One of the main challenges, then, is to continue being creative after several good years in the business, and, judging by the first spins of Paradise In Flames, the band has many more good years to come.

The music sounds fresh and reasonably creative –- for the most part at least. Singer Bernhard Weiss does well to hide the fact that his voice cannot in any way compete with the best in the business, and the band does a decent job too. The guitar solos are best when kept melodic –- the Brian May meets Kai Hansen style melodies are actually very cool at times –- as the speedier stuff falls through as too simple and predictable. The band makes use of some decent female vocals, courtesy of some woman called Lakonia, as well as some well-arranged choirs to enhance the sound further.

Song-wise, the album has several good bits to offer … the two radio singles “Dance With The Dead” and “Lady Moon” are very convincing Melodic Hard Rock songs indeed, and “Take My Hand,” “Gods Of Rain,” and “Passion For Rock” are additional good numbers. Overall, the band’s very Queen-influenced sound is a refreshing burst into a genre with way too many bands sounding exactly the same, but unfortunately Axxis too falls into that very trap at times. The riffs in “Tales From Glory Island” and “Will God Remember Me,” for example, are just embarrassing, and the ballad “Don’t Leave Me” doesn’t offer much to cause one to sing and dance. In trying to decipher the promo sheet, the music is composed by singer Reiss along with keyboardist Harry Oellers … at times, the album falls into the “keyboardist trying to write guitar riffs” category, and this seldom ends very well.

All in all, though, this album is another quality release from the German veterans … most songs are on a high level and the production is fine. Don’t expect to find a new Dr. Feelgood, I Want It All, or Back In Black here, but there is plenty in here for the more melody-oriented fans out there. The soloing needs some work, and the music is far from anything that can be labelled “Power,” “Heavy,” or “Metal,” but still, a good effort indeed.


  • Torgeir P. Krokfjord

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