PSYCHOPUNCH – Kamikaze Love Reducer

PSYCHOPUNCH - Kamikaze Love Reducer


Release date: January 20, 2006

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This is a band that still knows how to play good and decent Punk Rock music. Psychopunch started back in 1998 in Sweden and the members are from various Punk and Death Metal bands. This 6th release from this quartet is called Kamikaze Love Reducer, and like all the releases from the past, this album has a half-naked woman at the cover!

Psychopunch’s loud, in-your-face, Scandinavian Rock ‘n’ Roll will hit listeners in the same way as downing a bottle of whiskey. Their guitars scream out amped-up chords taken straight from the loudest Rock of the 70s, and they mix their Classic Hard Rock sound with some influences from the Alternative scene of the 90s. Simple tunes with a dirty feeling in the vocals and the guitars, Psychopunch’s songs tend to be short and furious. Even though they use two guitars, the bass has an important role in their music, and it is simply following the general rhythm. This makes the songs more solid, because it really gives the appropriate heaviness throughout this album.

Every note burns with crushing passion, and the singer’s booming vocals are so good that your neck hairs will stand on end. The rhythm section is not so kind, as the drums and bass work their way around each other –- increasing their thunderous power. Is like getting struck by lightning and hit by a train at he same time.

“Poison Alley Groove,” the opening track, surely will knock out listeners with its straightforwardness, and it has some serious headbanging material. It sure can wake up the kid in a old Heavy Rock lover. The follow-up, “Overrated,” is also a kick-ass song, which will make you want to jump up and down. The rest of this release is also very interesting. It changes quite often from the ultimate party Rock ‘n’ Roll to angry Punk Rock, while it also has its darker moments. This may not connect with targeted Metal fans, but it is excellent Alternative / Punk Rock music. This is what Punk Rock should sound like. It is as simple as that.

Psychopunch spend a lot of time on the road. In 2006 they will play a lot of gigs in both Germany and Czechoslovakia, and in the past they have played with bands like Gluecifer, The Nomads, and The Hives.


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