MAD MAX – Night Of White Rock

MAD MAX - Night Of White Rock


AOR Heaven
Release date: January 13, 2006

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The Procession

Mad Max’s Night Of White Rock is a comeback album, of sorts, for the 1980’s based German band. The band is led by Michael Voss (Bonfire, Silver, Casanova) who has seen the band go through a series of starts and stalls. The band’s roots start in 1984 when they released one album (Rollin’ Thunder) through the Roadrunner label, and then followed it up with Stormchild in 1985. The subsequent 1986/1987 years saw the release of Night Of Passion and touring throughout Europe with the likes Of Pretty Maids and, more importantly, the Christian Metal band Stryper. The band dissipated in 1989 when Voss went on to seemingly “bigger and better” things with Bonfire, while the other original members went their separate ways to find their “calling in life.” Point Music brought the band back together in 2000 for just one album that turned out to be, more or less, a Voss/Breforth solo album. Almost 21 years after their inception, the band hit the studio and recorded eleven brand new tracks for Night Of White Rock, and you should thank your chosen deity that they did, as this release is a pure gem indeed!

The Scripture

Whether or not it was based on touring with Stryper, having Christian Rock friends like Joshua Perahia and Ken Tamplin, or just a new calling in life, the big difference apparent on this 2005 release is the lyrical content. Voss wrote and produced all of the music, while guitarist Breforth wrote all of the lyrics. The difference is these lyrics aren’t about typical Rock ‘N’ Roll subjects like sex, drugs, etc., instead they are a refreshing change containing a strong, Christian-based message … “That to believe in something can sometimes make a change for the better.” For some people, this sentiment might cause them to run screaming in the night, but these lyrics don’t approach storytelling by preaching. The songs and the lyrics merely present an optimistic view of the world showing that we all have an option.

The Responsorial Psalm

Regardless of the lyrical content, this release’s music stands on its own as a Melodic Hard Rock winner. Oddly enough, the opening track “To Hell And Back” starts off with a melody from a music box followed by several whirring machine sounds. One has to wonder if this is some eclectic reference to the far-flung, futuristic Mad Max films made famous by Mel Gibson. Nevertheless, throughout the disc, Voss’ vocals are top-notch and are reminiscent of Michael Sweet, tempered with harmonies that sound slightly like Presto-era Geddy Lee (especially on cuts like “Homeless”).

The majority of the music is driven by a strong, fat, distinctive rhythm guitar sound, like a throwback to golden Scorpions days, just check out “Losing It Again,” “Hope To See You,” “Sign,” and “Upon My Soul” for prime examples. Not only do tracks like these have contagious “riffs,” but they also have melodies strung along by memorable choruses. Quality music like “Bad Day In Heaven” will have you actually listening to the lyrics and repeating the chorus throughout the day. Thankfully, all of this is driven through your speakers loud and clear, as the Production and rhythm section both have a nice crystal clear, live, and airy feel to them.

The Homily

This is really a polished Melodic Rock release, regardless if you agree or disagree with the Christian lyrical themes. The music is catchy, the rhythm guitars powerful, and Voss’ vocals and Production are pure, clean, and bright. This CD has the “guitar buzz saw” and “oomph” that potential Silver fans have been left wanting release after release. If you’re remotely a fan of Stryper, then this one is a clear cut winner. If you’re not a Stryper fan, and you let this one slip by, then you run the risk of passing up on one of the year’s best Melodic Rock albums! These guys deserve a little faith and support for this release, which will hopefully keep the band inspired to continue putting out quality releases such as this one in the years to come!


Michael Voss – Vocals, Production
Roland Bergmann – Bass
Jürgen Breforth – Guitars
Axel Kruse – Drums


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