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Release date: December 5, 2005

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Besides world famous Turbonegro, Norway has yet another exciting band, wearing heavy, heavy makeup and living out the Rock ’n’ Roll style to the max. Even if they can’t proclaim world fame, they are one of the most loved underground bands in Norway, and now after doing their thing for more than a decade, the boys felt it necessary to share and care for their most loving fans. This led to the publication of the DVD rockumentary Trashcan Darlings – 10 Years of Trash.

It’s over 90 minutes in running time, and includes 16 of Trashcan Darlings greatest hits, with everything from really bad videos the band made nearly ten years ago, to quality videos from Norwegian TV-productions, not so great live performances from smaller festivals on the Norwegian countryside with hillbillies and a few true Darling fans in the front row, to bigger sold out gigs in Oslo.

In-between the live shots and videos there are exclusive interviews with members of the band who talk about how they met and what has happened up to the current date. The best part, of course, is guitar player Frankie Nachtnebel in a foamy hot tub wearing his tight black jeans and having a drink in his hand, just like a true rocker! Also, not to forget seeing the different hairdo’s of singer Strange?Gentle and lead guitar player Chris Damien Doll, who actually at one time had hair!

The DVD also introduces you to earlier band members, and Trashcan Darlings has had a few of them through the years. It’s evident that Trashcan has lived out a typical life of Sex, Drugs, and Rock ’n’ Roll. Ex-Darlings ramble on about blurry nights of alcohol to even shitting their pants on stage.

Because of the great lyrics and the great tunes, this might be a treat for everyone, but this DVD is a must have for all Trashcan Darlings fans. A great laugh for a hung over Sunday or a great party starter on a Saturday night!

Producing the DVD is Trashcan’s latest Darling and bass player Q.Ken Rockers, who is not to be seen on tape, but check out their Web site for live dates on their upcoming mini-tour of Germany and Norway.


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