SHINING STAR – Enter Eternity


Nightmare Records
Release Date: November 22, 2005

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Shining Star’s Enter Eternity didn’t have the smoothest of sailing on its way to music stores: originally recorded in 2003, it was left in limbo due to label financial woes. Finally in late 2005, Nightmare Records ponied up the dough to get Enter Eternity onto the shelves.

Shining Star is a band put together by Brazilian guitarist Fabio Rocha, who had released one hard-to-find album (Fatal Mistake) in 2001. Vocal duties on Enter Eternity are handled by Lance King, currently of Pyramaze — he recorded this album before transforming into a Melancholy Beast.

Although Enter Eternity is a group effort, the centerpiece of the album is Fabio Rocha, a player who may not be as well-known as the Malmsteen’s of the world, but he’s every bit as talented. Other “guitar god” albums often suffer because they become showcases for flashy guitar playing and little else.

Luckily, Enter Eternity isn’t like that. The 10 songs on the album are solidly written, with good melodies, strong structures, and good lyrics (co-written by Rocha). Rocha’s skill shines through, with lots of neo-classical guitar lines, soaring, finger-twisting solos, and plenty of catchy riffs. At the same time, though, his playing never overpowers everything else. Enter Eternity could have become another one of those drawn-out six-string wankfests that make people cry; thankfully Rocha doesn’t allow it to become one. He’s smart enough to know that the song must come first, and while his playing is certainly technical, it has feeling and emotion too.

Short version: Shining Star is a band with a great guitarist, not a great guitarist with a band as an afterthought.

All the songs on Enter Eternity are solid and enjoyable; melodic and a bit Progressive. A few of the tunes on this album would make good radio singles, such as the ballad-like “Lady Of The Night” and “Never Too Late.” “Nightmare” and “Insanity” are atmospheric Metal compositions, with strong vocals from Lance King and some very nice playing from Rocha. “Insomnia” is very catchy and hook-filled, with a big chorus you won’t be able to get out of your head. The same goes for the moody “No More,” probably the best song on the album. The soloing and riffs on this song are very effective, as are King’s vocals.

Outside of the two ballads, every song is on Enter Eternity is mid-paced . It would have been nice to see the band cut loose and crank out a couple of really speedy tracks for the sake of variety. As it is, the songs have a tendency to run together a bit, although they’re still varied enough to not become boring.

Fans of virtuoso guitarists will probably find a new hero in Fabio Rocha … he’s got the skills. Luckily, he didn’t forget to write some good songs with his fleet fingers. He, Lance King, and the rest of Shining Star did a fine job with Enter Eternity.


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