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    DREAMSCAPE - Revoiced - 7.5/10


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Release date: November 18, 2005

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Dreamscape is a German Progressive Metal band founded in Munich during 1986. They wanted to bring something unique to the Metal scene. Dreamscape started to become icons due to their dissimilar sound and musical skills. Dreamscape has been in festivals such as ProgPower USA twice in 2004 and 2005, ProgPower Europe in 2006, and ProgPower UK in 2007. They are basically any Prog Metal lovers dream with their special sound. Former albums have been met with great amounts of praise and amazement, so why should Revoiced be any different?

Revoiced features former tracks from albums such as Trance-Like State and Very. Dreamscape re-recorded these tracks with the new vocalist Roland Stoll so well, it almost sounds like a new CD, almost. Because these songs were written a while ago, without the new Stoll’s vocal range in mind, it doesn’t sound perfection, but it is still incredible. The tracks on here provide such excitement and it seems like the guys were really having a good time making this album.

From the beginning of the CD Dreamscape shines. With the first few tracks of “Thorn in My Mind”, “Fateful Silence”, “Alone”, and “She’s Flying you experience a magnitude of different instruments and such a full sound. Roland Stoll gives these songs a new mood, very different from the former singers Tobi Zoltan and Hubi Meisel. His vocals differ from the former vocalists in that the old vocals had more of a high pitch characteristic.

“Changes” shows you a Metal guitar lick that leads into some pinch harmonics and calm drums. At times Stoll sings along the guitars and bass in sort of a Progressive ballet. Near the end of this track you hear the vocal range of Stoll in a mini solo he has. “Fearing the Daylight” is very similar to “Changes”.

“Unvoiced” is one of the more mellow songs in this album. It has a darker theme to it and is more downbeat. “Unvoiced” features enchanting keyboards that fit magnificently into this song alone with a beautiful piano sound closer to the end. This 8:45 track is unvoiced exquisiteness.

“Reborn” keeps the darker theme going, but has more of an uplifting sound to it, and vocals. It also is a little faster than the previous track at times. “Face Your Fears” and “Winter Dreams” take you onto a melodious Metal path.

Adding some variety and a tambourine Dreamscape shows us “Loneliness”. This track is a more relaxing track, but don’t get me wrong, it still shows some Metal riffs and rhythmic drums. “When Shadows Are Gone” enters with mystical keyboards, the tambourine, still drums, guitar dancing along with the keys, and calm vocals. This track progresses in time to more of an electrifying tone.

Revoiced also has a few surprises for you fans and consumers out there. They decide to show you a sneak peek to their upcoming album in 2008 with an extra track(“Breathing Spaces”). And there’s another bonus! On the 14th track they give you a music video to “When Shadows Are Gone”.

Dreamscape has done a great job on re-recording their songs with Roland and it’s worth checking out. Yes, it does have a whole new feel compared to previous albums however it still has characteristics of the old Dreamscape. Whether you’re an old fan, just passer-by or new to the band, it’s worth checking out.


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