STEREO JUNKS! – Suicide Angels

STEREO JUNKS! - Suicide Angels


Star Trash Productions
Release date: October 2005

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Like a bat out of Finland comes Stereo Junks! with their four-song EP Suicide Angels. Stereo Junks! consists of Anzi Destruction on lead vocals, Deville on guitar, and the rhythm section of bassist Jake Von Junk and drummer Rip Radioactive.

Besides the title track, the other tunes here are “China White,” “Doing Fine,” and “Cold Blood.”

The music of Stereo Junks! will probably remind Hard Rock fans of bands like Motley Crue (but not nearly as Glam), fellow Finlanders Hanoi Rocks, and Guns ‘N Roses, but with a sleazy, Punkish edge to their sound. Singer Destruction sounds quite a bit like Axl Rose (kids, ask your parents) in places. Destruction is a charismatic front man with personality and a hearty “I’m a rock star and you’re not!” attitude. The songs on Suicide Angels are a bit ragged, a little rough around the edges, but edgy-sounding and upbeat at the same time. They have catchy choruses, fun vocals, and hook-laden instrumentation; guitarist DeVille kicks out some good riffs and decent solos. The band does a good job keeping your attention throughout this EP’s 14-minute running time.

Musically, Suicide Angels is fun to listen to, and Stereo Junks! is a skilled band that sounds like they’re having a good time doing what they’re doing, which usually means the listener will have fun as well. If nothing else, Suicide Angels is enjoyable to hear, even though there isn’t much variation from song to song on this disc. Then again, there are only four songs in total and it’s 100% ballad-free, which is a plus. Stereo Junks! doesn’t seem like the type of band that would play a ballad anyway, unless they were being cheeky and ironic.

Suicide Angels is a fairly short listen, but there are a few things on the multimedia CD to keep you entertained after the music is finished playing. A video for “China White” is included, in addition to the usual stuff like lyrics, credits, and band photos consisting of the guys (okay, mostly Destruction) striking poses and looking “bad.” Very amusing stuff; Stereo Junks!’ roots are showing, and they don’t care who knows it.

Hard Rock fans will get a kick out of Stereo Junks! and Suicide Angels, thanks to its rough-hewn charm and take-no-prisoners attitude. Give them a chance, and they’ll probably win you over.


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