In Oslo Spektrum, Norway, September 30, 2005

Even though Dream Theater has toured festivals and Gigantour after the release of Octavarium, their real tour has just begun. Oslo was the third stop after Helsinki and Stockholm.

The setlist has been changed every night, but the main theme for this whole tour has been to celebrate their 20th anniversary — so in the first of the two sets during these concerts, they are taking the audience through a chronological ride.

But, before they got that far, Dream Theater opened their gig with great versions of Octavarium-standouts, “The Root Of All Evil” and the thundering “Panic Attack.”

Then nostalgia came pouring out. Not holding anything back, they even included “Another Won” from the Majesty days, before pleasing old school Dream Theater fans with When Dream And Day Unite‘s “A Fortune In Lies,” Images And Words‘ “Under A Glass Moon,” and Awake‘s “Caught In A Web.”

They aim to please, and give a few surprises here and there — so in the middle of Falling Into Infinity‘s “Peruvian Skies,” they threw in Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and Metallica’s “Wherever You May Roam,” which made the crowd even more enthusiastic.

Dream Theater’s crowd has grown bigger for each release and tour. So, it is a wise move to deliver great anthems from their back catalogue to keep new fans busy with buying old Dream Theater albums.

Their stage show hasn’t changed much. The three big screens are there, showing album covers, filming band members, and making quite mediocre effects along the show. Nothing much, but this is all about playing, and letting the music do the talking.

LaBrie was in great shape, and after a 15-minute intermission, they started off their second set with “As I Am” and “Endless Sacrifice,” before revisiting Octavarium with its monumental tracks “Sacrificed Sons” and “Octavarium” — two performances that really took the Norwegians’ breath away.

2 hours and 45 minutes was what Dream Theater offered this time — and it was one of those nights that dissipated in a flash. In other words, 6500 people had a great time in Oslo, witnessing a band that after 20 years is still getting better and better. That’s an achievement not many other bands can proclaim.

Dream Theater Setlist:
The Root Of All Evil/Panic Attack/Another Won/A Fortune In Lies/Under A Glass Moon/Caught In A Web/Peruvian Skies/Home/About To Crash (Reprise)/Losing Time/Grand Finale


As I Am/Endless Sacrifice/Never Enough/Sacrificed Sons/Octavarium
Encores: The Spirit Carries On/Pull Me Under/Metropolis Pt. 1


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