SIMONE FIORLETTA – Parallel Worlds

SIMONE FIORLETTA - Parallel Worlds


Lion Music
Release Date: September 11, 2005

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At the virile age of 23, some might say that Moonlight Comedy’s guitarist, Simone Fiorletta has had a better then average musical career. During pubescence, at the age of 17, Simone formed the aforementioned Moonlight Comedy and helped them reach a milestone by releasing their debut album, The Life Inside, on Lion Music in September of 2004. A month later and Simone releases his own debut solo album, The Beginning. Here now a year later and fans get to bear witness to Simone’s second solo album entitled Parallel Worlds. If this second solo release is any indication, then Simone’s playing is analogous to a fine wine as it seems to get better with aging.

Upon initially picking up this release and then reading Simone’s biography, two things might instill fear into the heart of any guitar fan. First, Simone being only 23 years old might bring to mind questions and doubts about potential “musical immaturity.” Second, Simone grew up as a fan of Steve Vai and especially Joe Satriani, which brings to mind fear of him being another Satriani clone. Thankfully, these fears can be laid to rest as Fiorletta plays with melody, feel, and soulful conviction, therefore dispelling any concerns of “musical immaturity.” Sure, some of the tracks take on a slight Satriani (or even a solo Marc Bonilla) feel, but Simone’s playing keeps each track fresh with a strong sense of originality. Simone’s style and technique pays high respects to melody and song structure versus pompous, overindulgent “fits of speed,” which keeps the album from droning on like some other guitar instrumental releases. The entire release keeps one literally on the edge of their seat, anticipating that next guitar outburst. Simone might also be categorized as the classiest user of vibrato in today’s Metal Guitar scene. He uses vibrato to deliver passion, feel, and soul, without using it solely as filler material. On some tracks, his vibrato technique is reminiscent of Jeff Beck, which is a strong compliment for a young guitarist.

The release aptly covers the Metal musical spectrum with high-energy Rock-Fusion tracks like “Parallel Worlds,” “That’s My Truth,” and “A Strange Evolution,” which all show off Simone’s speedy, tastefully melodic phrasings. But what will garner the most respect from music and guitar fans alike are the more sullen, retrospective moments on the release. For example, you can feel the infectious, mature melody in tracks such as “For You,” which quite frankly tugs at your heartstrings. Another absolute winner is “Blue Eyes,” another slower, moody movement that showcases Simone’s ability at delivering euphoric melodies using ample amounts of Jeff Beck-like vibrato. In all seriousness, it’s hard to believe that this is the same guitarist found on Moonlight Comedy’s debut release. They sound like two entirely different guitarists, which indirectly acknowledges Simone’s ability to adapt quite nicely to different musical styles.

Bottom line, this is one of those releases that you hear something new (guitar-wise) every time you play it. Let’s hope Simone has a lengthy career and continues to put out such highly entertaining and quality solo releases. As far as Parallel Worlds goes, chalk this one up as one of 2005’s Top 5 guitar instrumental releases!

Simone Fiorletta – Production, Guitars, Bass on “The First Day Of Life,” “That’s My Truth,” “Again With You”
Andrea Scala – Drums
Mario Mazzenga – Bass
Valerio D’Anna – Keyboards
Emiliano Germani – Vocals on track “Lullaby For Laura”

To find out more about Simone, visit his label’s Web site at


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