NIGHTVISION – Nightvision

NIGHTVISION - Nightvision


Release date: 2005

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The band Nightvision will probably not rise to sudden fame after the release of their first studio album called Nightvision. This Swedish band has been around since 2001, but didn’t get a record deal until now, when MTM music took them in to their stable.

The album’s opener, “Before The Storm,” starts thing out well enough with a simple bass line from Johan Petersson, and a steady drum beat from Mikael Szemler. The song sets a standard for the following tracks on this debut. Their music style follows unbelievably closely in the footsteps of bands like Whitesnake, T.N.T., and Badlands.

“Hard To Let You Go” is one of two ballads on this album where the vocals of Peter Högberg really shine. It is a total pleasure to listen to him, not to mention there’s something quite sweet about the moment.

The highlight at the album is “Time Is Running Out.” The song is performed like a decent Hard Rock song should be, with great guitar riffs, tough vocals, and catchy choruses. It’s Nightvision at their rock-iest, with their Classic Rock feel -– it’s as raw and gritty as the band gets, and the listeners reach out and grab the music as it crashes out of the speakers.

The songs on this CD are mostly strong and even, but there are some that lack. Some of the songs are too long, and in some places, the vocals drown in too much bass -– and in other places, the vocals just aren’t tough enough. They deliver a quite good debut, just not good enough to reach the top. There’s room enough for improvement.

This is an old school type of album –- quite wonderful. It’s full to the brim with amazing guitar riffs and powerful drumming. Nightvision doesn’t have the most up-to-date sounding music, but it’s still a good album worth a spin for fans of Classic Rock anyway.


Peter Högberg – Vocals
Stefan Fjellner – Guitars
Johan Petersson – Bass
Mikael Szemler – Drums
Mårten Sandén – Keyboards


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