A LOWER DEEP – Trinity


Raven Flight Records
Release Date: September 1, 2005

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A Lower Deep, an Alabama USA-based band, is back with their third full-length release entitled Trinity. Their line-up remains the same as it was on their last effort, Parable Of The Thorn, with Mullican on Vocals, Umstead on Bass, Reid on Guitars, and, once again, guest drummer … David Lee, the man with the frenetic bass pedals. Trinity tends to take on a more moody and gloomier sound than its predecessor release. Best described as moody, Progressive Metal, which seems to have a penchant for down-tuned instruments, Geoff Tate-like vocals, and Anthrax/Sabbath-like guitar rhythms and wailing solos.

The opening track, “Ascent Of The Fallen,” is a mid-tempo, slightly plodding dose of “riffage,” replete with a Wah-Wah-filled guitar solo by Reid … slightly reminiscent in sound of Mr. Iommi. “A Grief Observed” kicks up the tempo, fueled by bass pedals that speed along at 100 miles per hour. This track melds a “Thrash” feel along with Sabbath overtones. “Sisaphas Resigned” is the first truly dark moment, starting off with deeper vocals and a heavy down-tuned sounding guitar rhythm, but quickly picks up the pace which leads into a wall of sound. This track is definitely one of the release’s finer moments, along with “My Enemy’s Enemy,” and the strangely titled “Numinous,” which clips along at a steady pace.

Production, once again, seems not as bright and “in your face” as it could be, but perhaps it’s adequate enough, given the fact that this is an independent, self-produced release, and the mix matches the dark overtones of the release quite well. Also notable is the fact that the band continues to find artists to contribute such stylistic pieces to serve as cover artwork.

Guest drummer David Lee, while not a permanent band member, does fit in quite well with the band’s style. It’s a shame that he isn’t with the band on a permanent basis, since he has played very well on the last two albums. The good news is that the band have found a permanent drummer, just this October, in one Anthony Tipton, whose profile seems to fit the bill for the band’s musical style. One would hope he’s up to the task, because those are some big shoes left to fill by David Lee indeed.

In the end, Trinity is an all-around strong effort by A Lower Deep. There really is no single standout performance by any of the band members. This is more of a group effort where each of the three fulltime band members serve as part of the union that signifies a “Trinity.” Those seeking a lot of melody with their Metal should look elsewhere. Those who appreciate a slightly darker, Progressive/Thrash Metal style should try to score a copy of this release as soon as possible.

Billy Mullican – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Tim Umstead – Bass, Backing Vocals
Troy Reid – Guitars
David Lee – Guest Drummer
Melea Mullican, Johnny Cargo – Additional Vocals


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