TERROR 2000 – Terror For Sale

TERROR 2000 - Terror For Sale


Scarlet Records
Release date: August 24, 2005

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Killing Machine was formed in March 1999 by active members of Soilwork and Darkane. Due to the presence of another Swedish group with the same name, the band was renamed as Terror 2000.

Slaughterhouse Supremacy was the title of the debut album that made Terror 2000 known to the Metal scene by receiving some more than flattering reviews. Terror for Sale is the title of the band’s brand new and fourth full-length release. In the already solid line up, consisting of Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork) handling the vocals, Nick Sword (El Mago) and Klas Ideberg (Darkane) tormenting the guitars, and Erik Thyselius (Constructdead) on the drums, there is the new addition of Dan Svensson (Hatelight) on the bass.

The music in Terror for Sale is like an overloaded truck that is running on a downhill road with no breaks, smashing and crushing everything in its way! Thankfully, the sound of Terror 2000 is not just a blend of Soilwork and Darkane. Of course, there are distinct references to the aforementioned bands with Strid’s vocals from the Swedish Melodic Death Metal scene, and the aggressive Death Metal guitars. There is a dose of insanity within the arrangements of these 12 songs on the album that feature an explosive combination of furious guitars, ultrafast drumming, and an extreme Death/Hardcore vocal performance.

“Five Star Prison,” “Metal Mosh Massacre,” and “Cheap Thrills” have their foundations in the Bay Area Thrash scene performed at high velocity. Somewhere between the fast-paced guitars and the destructive percussion, there is melody that you can even hum along to. The first signs of music “insanity” can be tracked down in “King Kong Song,” as it kicks off with the absolute Death Metal growl. The fast-paced Slayer-ish rhythm brings the listener to an almost sing-along chorus, featuring some ironic lyrics. After the 3-minute Speed/Thrash attack entitled “Wrath of the Cookie Monster,” there is “Satan’s Barbecue,” comprising some old school Thrash Metal riffs and a rhythm section that offers the opportunity for some serious headbanging. Strid easily changes his singing style, moving from Hardcore to almost Death Metal in “Flesh Fever Fiesta,” which additionally features some very good guitar solos and bizarre backing vocals. The Thrash Metal steam machine continues its journey with “Liquor Saved Me From Sports” — it’s close to Soilwork’s sound — and “Fed Up Anthem” is a song that grabs the listener by the throat with ultrafast drumming. One disadvantage of having a promo CD is that they typically come without the lyrics, and in Terror 2000’s case, they must be hilarious judging from the song titles.

After the almost groovy song, “Mummy Metal For the Masses,” comes the best track of the album called “Stattena T(h)rash.” The opening riff leads to the Hardcore vocals, the At The Gates rhythm guitars, and the catchy refrain. The last song will catch everyone by surprise, because it starts with ultrafast guitars, and some screams and growls continue with bluesy bass and guitar licks, only to end by returning to the previous furious velocity.

The reason to form a project band is to experiment with sounds different from one’s full-time band. In the case of Terror 2000, this experimentation gave birth to this strange music genre, which is, in a way, a modern approach to classic Thrash/Speed Metal that will work in favor for everyone who will take the “risk” and buy this album.


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