MALICE IN WONDERLAND – Malice In Wonderland

MALICE IN WONDERLAND - Malice In Wonderland


Karisma Records/Tuba Records
Release date: July 28, 2005

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Seemingly out of nowhere comes the band Malice In Wonderland (MIW), and simply dazzles you with wonderful songs from their debut full-length album, also called Malice in Wonderland.

MIW, from Bergen, Norway, was formed in 1997 by singer/songwriter Chri$ Wicked, who went on a teamed up with Andy Valentine on guitars and keys, Tracy Loveless on guitars, Eric Black on bass, and Tommy Gun on drums. This led to three demos: Reduced To A Low Condition (1998), Vicious Girl (1999), and Sin & Decadence (2002). Now finally MIW is releasing a whole album, and by the looks of it, just might be the start of something huge for them.

As you might guess by their glammy names, Malice In Wonderland play Goth/Glam rock music, and the great effects of cello, violin, and keys certainly make sure to stir up some feelings inside. Chri$ Wicked’s sweet, yet sinful, voice blends in with catchy tunes and heavy guitar riffs to really make this a rare Norwegian production, which hopefully will bring their music out to the masses.

Not only is their sound rare for Norwegian standards, the whole band already have their own 100% Glam Rock style, and rumors have it this band is (Chri$) Wicked on stage!

It’s very difficult to say that any songs stand out more than the others on this album, because they all have their own special sound and the whole production seems very well planned. Even if Malice In Wonderland have their own sound, they have brought in elements from the 1980’s and being inspired by Finnish HIM, you can say they are a merrier and more glamorous version of that band.


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